Where Does Our Burned Fat Go?

Find Out How Fat Is Burned And Maximize Weight-Loss Goals.

We all want “this thing” to go away. We don’t feel sad but on the contrary we rejoice “it” leaves us. We are constantly trying to avoid it. The “it” is fat. Yes, we all are trying to lose fat and are happy when it’s gone. Fat tissues provide us with insulation and protect us from atmospheric heat and cold. Our fat tissues are made of biological molecules called lipids. These are long and stringy compounds of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. These compounds store energy in their chemical bonds. Energy is released when these chemical bonds are broken which is commonly known as “burning fat”.

But have you ever wondered where the fat goes once it’s burned. A recent study with doctors, physical trainers and dieticians revealed that most of them didn’t know what happens to the burned fat. Most of them just repeated the common misconception that fat is converted into energy and released out of our body in the form of heat. But that is not possible. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean laws of chemistry doesn’t apply to them.

Are you still with us? Okay. Let’s break it down.

One of the basic principal of chemistry is conservation of mass states. Which means the same amount of material always comes out of a reaction as goes into it. So when you break up the lipids and release their energy all the hydrogen, carbon and oxygen should be there somewhere. What happens to them? Where do the extra inches on your hips go? They are there, but not in your body. Outside your body. Phew! All your hard work has paid off.  You exhaled them out in the form of carbon-di-oxide (CO2).

The biologists at University of New South Wales have conducted a study on breakdown of fat. They found that for every 10 Kilos of fat to metabolize or breakdown its energy you need to inhale 29 Kilos of oxygen. Start those breathing exercises immediately! In this process we create 11 kilograms of water and 28 kilograms of carbon di oxide. According to the scientists in the University of New South Wales, for 1 kilogram of fat that we burn, almost 80% is released through our respiratory system in the form of CO2. What about the 20%? Don’t worry that too is released through your urine, sweat and tears, if you are working your ass off.

If you do the math, you’ll come to know that all the mass in the fat burning reaction has been conserved. Remember this whenever your huffing and puffing, you are basically using your energy conserves and emanating fat through your breath and skin. But in a good way.

Can you think of any ways which will make your body call its energy reserves? Did you find this information interesting? Would like to know more or something more specific? Let us know. Would love to talk more about it.


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Where Does Our Burned Fat Go?
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