Best Ways To Burn Calories And Prevent Fat

Everyone knows that the very best way to burn more calories and boost metabolism is to essentially move around more and be active. However, research indicates that there are a few other things that we can do to prevent fat and burn more calories.

1. Drink Caffeinated Tea – either green or black

Caffeine helps burn more calories as it is a stimulant. It’s possible that they give you a sense of having more energy which means you are generally more active. Caffeine could also trigger certain changes in your metabolism that facilitate greater calorie burning in your body.

Research suggests that green or black tea may have additional benefits as well. A study on rats that were given a polyphenol contained in green tea noted a reduction in their food intake. Humans, who were given a beverage with green tea catechins, caffeine, and calcium, burned 4.6% more energy in a 24 hour period which led researchers to believe that green tea has calorie-burning properties that are not just limited to its caffeine content. Tea may have an additional fat-burning effect when consumed along with meals. Tea extract may alter the way the body absorbs carbs if it is had with the meal. The icing on the cake is that tea itself has no calories and can help you burn more which makes it a great alternative to soda and other high calorie drinks.

2. Eat Breakfast

There seems to be growing evidence of a link between not eating breakfast and increased body weight. Some research also suggests that people who skip breakfast tend to consume more calories throughout the rest of the day. In teens, those who skip breakfast tend to have a higher body mass index (BMI).

3. Have 4-6 smaller meals 

Your digestive system burns calories every time you eat a meal or snack. Therefore, eating (healthy food) more frequently in smaller portions could help you burn more calories because of the energy your digestive system requires to work.


4. Eat Low-Fat Dairy

Calcium from low-fat dairy could prevent generation of body fat. A recent study suggests that we absorb fewer calories from fat when we eat a meal with calcium from low-fat dairy.  Eating foods high in calcium like low-fat dairy seems to be associated with lower amounts of abdominal fat.

5. Burn Calories with Exercise

Research shows that the more time you spend exercising and the more rigorous the exercise, the more calories you burn. In fact, some researchers state that daily taking a brisk walk is the best possible method for anyone wanting to burn more calories.

It is well known that exercise turns your calories into fuel for all your activities. However, the bonus is that your body continues to burn calories even after you stop working out. How long the body’s accelerated rate of metabolism lasts depends on your body composition. However, metabolism generally stays elevated after aerobic exercise at least for 24 hours. To extend this phenomenon in your body, exercise for longer periods of time.

6. Build Muscle by Strength Training 

A combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is ideal for burning additional calories and enhancing metabolism. This is because exercise promotes the generation of muscle mass and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat even during rest. Strength training is particularly important as you age because your metabolism naturally slows down. Strength training at least a couple of times a week will help offset this effect. The biggest muscles are the ones that burn maximum calories – these are located in the abdomen, chest, thighs, and arms.

7. Keep On the Move

Movement of any kind requires energy, and simply fidgeting definitely qualifies as movement.

Studies have observed that there is a tendency for those who fidget to be leaner and those who don’t to be overweight or obese. It’s a good idea to simply be on the go and active even if it isn’t a focused attempt at exercise.

8. Drink Ample Water 

A German study suggests that drinking eight glasses of water daily could help burn almost 100 extra calories a day. This is because the process of absorbing necessary water and excreting excess also burns calories. Drinking lots of water also helps keep our intestines and kidneys in good shape and helps us not mistake thirst for hunger.

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Best Ways To Burn Calories And Prevent Fat
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