8 Ways To Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

It’s already September and just a few months from the holidays. So, it’s time to start thing about that new year’s resolution that you began at the onset of the year but didn’t manage enough to make it this far. That’s okay because resolutions of getting fit and losing weight are often one of the most difficult of the lot.

Weight loss is difficult, but weight gain is easy. Especially if the weight that is gained is all unhealthy fat that clogs up the arteries and reduces the life expectancy of those suffering from obesity. This problem of fat gain and being overweight has become severe in the country as a large population of the residents can be categorized as being obese.


To fight weight gain and eliminate obesity, there are different methods including taking weight loss pills or going the extreme route and performing fat removal surgery. To lose weight, you can also try appetite suppressors that can help reduce the amount of food you eat before you feel full.

There are also less extreme methods of weight loss like diet and exercise that have helped women lose up to 60 pounds while giving them the energy and determination to get and stay fit.

Here are some of these weight loss methods in brief:

1. Follow The 300 Calorie Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because eating it helps keep food pangs from torturing you all day. A good breakfast worth 300 calories can contribute to avoiding food craving in between your meals. A peanut butter sandwich can be an excellent choice for the 300 calorie breakfast.

2. Force Your Brain And Body To Choose

An easy way to avoid temptation is to not buy the snacks, chips or candy at the grocery store. Instead, force your mind and body to choose between eating healthy and fulfilling food at home or making the trip (on foot) to the store to get one bag or crisps.

3. Quit The Habit

Many women have lost tens of pounds after quitting the habit of lighting up. Smoking cigarettes can cause many problems that range from being tired more often to having less energy for your daily tasks. Quitting the habit of smoking can also help improve weight loss and overall health.

4. Stay Active Whenever Possible

You don’t have to spend endless hours at the gym to lose weight when you can get the same results at home. All you have to do is exercise whenever possible, even if it’s only for a few minutes a time. An example is doing crunches or squats while waiting for the television commercial to end.

Workout at home

5. Avoid Happy Hour By Working Out Instead

After work drinks and dinner is usually a norm in most establishments but this can often cause your weight loss diet plans to go out the window. To remedy this, you can consider some light cardio after work instead which can be a great boon to your weight loss goals.

6. Do A Pantry Clean-Up

The best way to avoid binging on unhealthy snacks or overindulging in your fav ice cream is not to have access to any at home. Just clean out your pantry and fridge and replace essential with herbal and healthier alternatives like roasted sunflower seeds and fruits. If you do this, you will automatically be making healthy choices for food when you get hungry.

7. Eat Out Less, Eat In More

While it may be convenient to eat out most of your meals at the restaurants, it isn’t a healthy way to live because of the sodium and fat rich ingredients they chefs use to make their dishes look and taste more appealing. It might be better to eat at home where you know what’s in your salad.

8. Try Weight Loss Supplements

You can find many products online that promise effective weight loss without hard work or effort, but these are usually more hype than fact. If you want a good quality aid for weight loss, it’s advised to consider one that contains scientifically proven ingredients that help suppress appetite as well as promote thermogenic fat burner. Examples of decent weight loss products include dietary supplements with Raspberry Ketones, Citrus Aurantium, Green tea extract, Cayenne Pepper or Garcinia Cambogia extract.  A product with some of the best weight management ingredients in the market is called Phen375.


8 Ways To Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today
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