6 Weight Loss Myths That Need To Be Busted

6 Weight Loss Myths That Are Making Your Life Unnecessarily Difficult.

Trying to lose weight? You must be bombarded with so many dos and don’t s. All you don’t have to do is worry because here are some major myths busted for you. Read it and make a proper educated weight loss program.

Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercises Are Two Separate Categories

First thing you learn when you enter the world of fitness is that there are two types of exercises named aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercises build your endurance and anaerobic exercises build your strength. It is a common misconception that one should not combine these exercises or else your body will be shredded to pieces. We are here to bust that myth for you.

While performing aerobic exercises you maintain a stable pace for a long period. This stimulates your cardiovascular and respiratory system for a long period. These exercises require oxygen to produce energy. Burning of fat and lower cholesterol levels are the benefits of these exercises.  Anaerobic exercises are high intensity activities which last for smaller duration ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. During these activities oxygen cannot keep up the energy supply so body has to call upon phosphagen and lactic acids for the energy. Increase in metabolism, overall strength and muscle mass are the benefits of anaerobic exercises. Combining these two exercises in a training program can improve endurance, stamina, strength and power.

This theory was proved by Dr. Izumi Tabata when he was training Japanese skating team in early 1990’s.

Obese People Are Unhealthy. Thin People Are Healthy.

Oh! This one is widely spread all around the globe. If you are thin you need not worry about your health but if your “big”, “curvy” or straight up fat then you are in trouble. No its not completely true. If your Body Mass Index is above 25, no matter your shape or size it means you come under “skinny fat”. Even though there is no physical evidence of fat, your body may have stored fats in the inner layers or even in the organs and muscles. Accumulation of fat in the belly or internal organs causes damages to the tissues and blood vessels around these areas. Here are four precautions you should take:

  • Stop obsessing with pounds. Keep an eye on BMI to decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • Measure your body fat frequently.
  • Get your blood tested for cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Lose belly fat. Avoid white bread, rice, pasta and other refined carbs. Interval exercises and strength training will help you lose that belly fat.

Fast Food Is Bad.

Fast food all over the world has become part of our culture. We need to embrace it but that doesn’t mean you go and have double cheeseburgers, fries, sodas and apple pies whenever you want. All we have to do is make better choices. The biggest problem with fast food is that they contain high levels of sodium and only way to avoid it is if we stick to salads and skip those salt packets. With increase in health awareness there many fast food joints that offer healthier options. Even cheaper fast food chain restaurants have something less unhealthy. These foods are not replacements for healthy organic food but are a decent choice if there is no time, energy or resources to cook a healthy meal.

Few tips to avoid the unhealthy and fattening fast food:
  • Order hamburgers without buns with a baked potato.
  • Go for baked options rather than fried ones
  • Go for salad as a starter.
  • Many food chains have a less unhealthier option like chicken salad.
  • Go for grilled chicken instead of fried or breaded chicken.
  • Soft tacos are more healthier than hard and crispy ones.
  • Avoid sauces and dressings as much as possible.

Single Food Diets Work

You can often find a lot of crappy diets on internet. These are mostly based on the concept of a single type of meat or vegetable or fruit. It is a common misconception that human digestive system is incapable of tackling combination of foods. But that’s not true, combination foods are helpful to our digestive system. All nine amino acids cannot be found in only one vegetable, fruit, meat or legume. What happens if you stick to a single food? Read carefully. Vitamin C is an essential component of many of the body’s chemical reactions and lack of it  can cause scurvy. Jaundice, fever, tooth loss are side effects of Vitamin C deficiency. Meats contain very few carbs and life without carbohydrates is pretty difficult too. If there are no carbs to break down for energy then, the chemical reaction starts to break down muscles to get that energy. Your body might end up breaking down muscles in your heart too. Now this doesn’t mean you go gobbling all carbs that come your way. Eating only cabs causes deficiency of amino acids and also your lean body mass suffers. Eventually you’ll suffer from extreme anorexia nervosa. You need to educate yourself on maintaining a balanced diet. Scientists everywhere are trying to stuff multiple nutrients in single foods, until then eat all types of food.

Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Are Less Nutritious Than Fresh Ones

Of course there is nothing tastier than a fresh apple or a fresh tomato for your pasta. Often there are times when they are not available easily. Trypsin and chymotrypsin are the enzymes responsible for loss of color, flavor and nutrients after they are harvested. Freezing deactivates these enzymes and preserves those nutrients. If foods are frozen properly they preserve high amounts of fat soluble nutrients like vitamin A, cartenoids and vitamin E as they are more stable after processing. Having said that foods with high amounts of vitamins B and C are best when fresh as these vitamins are water soluble. It is preferable to buy bell peppers, citrus fruits, cabbage and berries fresh.

Don’t compromise on healthy diet just because someone told you frozen foods are not healthy. There studies which show that frozen foods are as good as there fresh counterparts.

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6 Weight Loss Myths That Need To Be Busted
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