Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips
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Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss arises from a conscious effort to improve real or overweight condition. Unintentional weight loss may cause muscle waste, fluid loss, loss of fat or a mixture of these. Our body weight is an evaluation act, but the equation is easy: If you eat extra calories than you burn, you gain weight and if you eat less calories than you burn, you lose weight. We tend to make weight loss complicated than it should be with severe diets that leave us cranky and hungry. Unhealthy ways of life weaken our dieting efforts and emotional eating practice that stops us sooner than we get going. Infact you can lose weight without feeling unhappy by making smart moves every day for example you can build up new eating habits that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

Weight Loss

Remember it could take some experimenting to discover the precise diet for your body. However, it is imperative that you feel content so that you can follow the same for a long time. There are numerous ways for Weight Loss. If one diet plan doesn’t work then you can try a different one. The key for Weight Loss is to discover which one works best for your individual self.

You can follow the below tip’s for a great body & weight loss –

  1.  Losing weight too quickly can take a toll on your mind and body by making you feel lethargic and exhausted. Hence, try to start off slowly with the plan to lose one or two pounds a week.
  2.  Weigh yourself on a regular basis. By observing your weight loss efforts you will see the results which will facilitate you to stay motivated.
  3.  Try to get support from near and dear ones for the encouragement that you need.
  4.  If you feel bored or lonely then speak to your friends or family, go for long walks or go to any public place like mall or a park instead of going to the refrigerator and opening up canned foods/ drinks.
  5.  Pay attention to what you eat and enjoy every bite. Try to prefer foods that are beneficial and pleasurable.
  6.  Avoid eating while watching TV, on your desk at work, driving as you can end up over eating.
  7.  Chew your food slowly. Do not fall for the temptation to clean your plate.
  8.  High fibre food takes time to digest and it keeps you fuller for a long time. Choose your food wisely for example whole grains, beans, fruits & vegetables. Soft drinks, energy drinks, soda are a huge source of calorie in your diet. Instead try water with lemon or sparkling water with a dash of juice.
  9.  You can enjoy your cherished high-calorie indulgence like ice cream, chips, cake or chocolate by eating them in smaller portions. The other option can be selecting the low calorie ones. This may help you feel that you are not deprived of your favourite treat.
  10.  Try to cut down on sugar, calories or fat in your snack by introducing vanilla extract or cinnamon. Replace the meat and cheese in your plate with tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers and lettuce.
  11.  Cook your own meals instead of heading towards the restaurant as they contain more amounts of sodium & fats. Eat vegetables raw or steamed not fried.
  12.  Eat your last meal of the day earlier & fast until the first meal of the following day i.e. your breakfast. This gives your digestive system a break of around 14 hours and helps you lose weight rapidly.
  13.  Drink more water and get some exercise.
  14. Try to get minimum 8 hours of sleep every night.
  15. Imagine about weight loss as an eternal lifestyle transformation. Obesity is one of the most common health scare globally and it afflicts more than half a billion people all over the world.

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Weight Loss

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