Vital Khai Review – All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Vital Khai Review – All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

One of the most searched topics on is related to sexual health and increasing sexual performance for men and women. While some problems are easy for other people to understand, for most men, sexual performance issues can be very difficult to share with others.

Accordingly, many men who visit this site want to know more about why they are experiencing a decline in sexual health and if there is a natural way to push through this problem.

Well, firstly, this problem isn’t really going to go away if you ignore it. What I mean to say is that if you are struggling to perform in bed, it might be high-time for you to find out what the problem is and take the necessary steps in combating it.

I have heard of and seen couples having problems and splitting up because of unhappiness and lack of sexual satisfaction for one or the other partner. And while I said lack of sexual satisfaction for one of the partners, it’s mostly the male that struggles to perform for most cases.

So, it’s often the men who are under pressure to perform, often making it more difficult to relax and enjoy the process of sex.

There are a number of sexual performance products that claim to help improve your staying power, penis size, stamina, hardness and sexual energy levels. Some of these can be bought online like while others require a doctor’s prescription to purchase. Sexual health tools like penis pumps are also popular in improving sexual performance.

However, after interacting with our readers, I have found that most of you are interested in male enhancement products that can be take to boost sexual health and performance. The most frequently asked question is whether someone should buy a prescription male enhancement pill or go for a non-prescription supplement in order to get the best sexual performance boost.

Well, the biggest difference between prescription and non-prescription pills is, as the terms suggest, the requirement of a doctor to provide a prescription. For pills like Viagra, you need to go and talk to your doctor about your sexual dysfunction so that he can write you the prescription, without which, you won’t be able to buy the pills from the pharmacy.

The dietary supplements that help improve sexual performance and libido can be purchased without a prescription because they are made from natural ingredients and not artificially created chemicals like prescription pills. The dietary supplements are also known to be a lot easier for the body to handle and also cause fewer side effects. Some are even known to be side-effect free by using all-natural ingredients.

There are many male enhancement supplements available online and in stores. Quite a few of these also require no prescription from the doctor. A few are even made from natural or organic ingredients. However, a product that does all these things but is also able to give you results that last over 48 hours is very rare. One product that does manage to provide these benefits is called Vital Khai, and I came across this supplement by accident when I was doing research online for another topic. Now, let’s learn more about Vital Khai, and you can find out if my recommendations regarding this product.

What Is Vital Khai?

Vital Khai is a new breed of male enhancement products that provide extended results while still ensuring that you receive no backlash or side effects from its use. It makes use of natural and organic ingredients that help boost your immune system, improve blood flow and lower cholesterol levels. From my research, this male enhancement supplement works by stimulating testosterone and libido while also improving blood flow to the penis for better erections and longer lasting sex.
Vital Khai

My research into male enhancement has found that the increase in blood flow to the penis is often the most effective way of getting better quality erections that last longer and keep the penis harder. From my understanding, the testosterone boost is designed to improve libido, ejaculation and erection quality.

As Vital Khai helps improve blood circulation to the penis as well as improve testosterone production, I feel that this is a male enhancement pill that should be considered by men seeking such aids. However, before you decided on Vital Khai or another male enhancement pills, you should understand what differentiates this product and what you can expect when you use it yourselves.

How Is Vital Khai Different Than Other Male Enhancement Pills?

Well, one key difference between Vital Khai and other male enhancement pills is the fact that the ingredients in this supplement are 100% organic with no artificial components present.

Another difference is that the dosage can be varied depending on your preference for this product. Each box of Vital Khai comes with five bottles with each bottle contains ten pills. You can either take all ten pills at a time for a maximum boost to your sexual performance or a few every day to get stable but satisfactory results. In comparison, other pills have to be taken by the dosage dictated by the manufacturer, which can cause some people to suffer side effects like overstimulation and jitteriness.

The final difference between Vital Khai and other products is that the results of this supplement last for up to 48 hours after taking the pills. This means that instead of the pills only working for the few hours after taking them, you can enjoy the improvement in sexual performance and libido for up to 48 hours.

How Does This Supplement Work?

Vital Khai helps increase your sexual performance and sex drive by increasing testosterone and blood flow to the penis. The active ingredients contain watermelon which is known to boost nitric oxide production which helps improve the blood flow to the penis. The increase in blood flow gives the user enhanced erections and better stamina in bed.

The ingredients also help stimulate the adrenal glands to produce more testosterone for improved libido and better endurance during sex. When considering these facts, I find that the ingredients used must be of high standard and quality to promise up to 48 hours of a performance boost.

How Vital Khai Works

How Quickly Can You See Results?

When I was researching about the ingredients in Vital Khai, I found that there are people who have used this product and experienced some of the benefits from the first day itself. Other people mentioned that while you can see results on the day you take the pills, the maximum sexual performance boost can take some time to be visible to you. On the official website, it is mentioned that this is because of the organic ingredients in the supplement which work a little slower than artificially produced ingredients. However, these organic ingredients ensure that you can take the pills regularly for months without worrying about any adverse reactions.

What Are The Active Ingredients In This Male Enhancement Pill?

  • Citrus: Due to the presence of Vitamin C in citrus, these pills help boost sexual performance in your bed by improving your sperm mortality, count, and fertility. It can also help give longer lasting and harder erections while reducing stress and improving mood.
  • Watermelon: This ingredient contains Citrulline that improves nitric oxide levels in your body. This can help in aiding erectile dysfunction, increasing libido and developing cardiovascular health. Watermelon in the pills can also assist in improving the blood flow to the penis that can result in longer and harder erections which helps boost your performance during sex.
  • Ginseng Root: This ingredient motivates long-lasting erections that can help your performance with your partner in bed. Ginseng root in Vitai Khai pills can enhance your erectile tissue and stimulates vasodilation, resulting in better erections. The pills can also combat premature ejaculation along with increasing sperm count and production.
  • Garlic: It can help increase blood flow to your genitals which allows for a hard rock erection that lasts longer. Garlic is a harmless aphrodisiac that stimulates nitric oxide synthase production and gives you better sex for many memorable nights.
  • Pepper: These pills increase the nitric oxide in the body that improves your sex drive. Bioperine extracted from pepper enhances the blood flow to your penis and maintains a healthy immune system. Pepper can also naturally increase your testosterone levels and male fertility.

Vital Khai Ingredients

What Are The Pros And Cons?

I find listing the advantages and disadvantages of any product to be the easiest way to understand if the pill/supplement is compatible with me and will give me the benefits that I am looking for. Here are the pros and cons of Vital Khai I found while reviewing the product:

The Pros:

  • Made with natural ingredients to eliminate potential side effects
  • Helps supercharge sexual performance and prowess
  • Improves sexual health and sex drive
  • Could increase penis size with regular use
  • Enhances sexual pleasure and orgasms
  • Comes with discreet and secure packaging with doorstep delivery
  • Affordable pricing and great deals when purchased online

The Cons:

  • Only available from the manufacturer’s website
  • Cant purchase more than one box per order

Are There Any Side Effects To Look Out For?

According to my digging into the history of this product and looking at user testimonials, there are no known side effects of Vital Khai. The natural ingredients are sure to be the reason for this but, whatever the case, it is reassuring to take male enhancement pills that cause no problems for the short and long term.

Who Is This Supplement Designed To Be Used By?

Since Vital Khai is a male enhancement pill that is supposed to help improve sexual performance, I’m sure that you don’t want any kids to get their hands on these pills. Women should also refrain from using this product as the pills cause the body to produce more testosterone which can cause hormone imbalance in women.

However, if you are a man who wants to enjoy enhanced sexual performance and better sex, Vital Khai might be for you. While I have not personally used this product, I have taken supplements with Ginseng and Garlic before with positive results.

Vital Khai Reviews

Do I Recommend Vital Khai?

I am always happy to recommend supplements and products that are made from natural or organic ingredients like Vital Khai. This is because I have personally experienced the benefits of supplements made from natural ingredients. In the case of Vital Khai, the research, review, and testimonials are sufficient to recommend Vital Khai for men looking for a steady boost in sexual performance.

What Are The Available Online Deals For Vital Khai?

Vital Khai comes with a risk-free trial offer that lets you get Vital Khai Sample Pack that gives you one bottle for free and only requires you to pay for a shipping charge of $4.99. According to the site, you have one week to decide on if you want to continue getting Vital Khai delivered on a monthly basis or cancel the subscription.

If you don’t cancel your subscription, you will be given a box of Vital Khai that contains five bottles with 50 pills each every month.  For those of you who have already decided to use Vital Khai, you can directly subscribe to get the full Vital Khai box every month from the manufacturer’s website for $79.99 without having to get the sample bottle.

For men who know of the sexual benefits they want with Vital Khai, I would recommend getting the full box of Vital Khai for $79.99 as this will help you to enhance your sex game to the next level. As I have previously mentioned, I have some experience with natural supplements myself and I can state that after using such pills, I experienced no negative side effects. With regards to Vital Khai, this product is, according to my assessment, worth the price.

If you are looking for a sexual health booster that works for up to 48 hours and doesn’t cause any side effects while using natural ingredients, Vital Khai is made for you.

Vital Khai Risk Free Trial

Vital Khai

Vital Khai


5.2 /10


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Customer Reviews

4.6 /10


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  • 100% Organic Components
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • Fast-Acting Results


  • Only Available From Official Site
  • Only Risk-Free Trial Offer Available

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