Ultra Muscle Testo

Most of us take many supplements, pills, and powders before and after our workouts for maximum efficiency for the body to stay in top shape.

However, some unique pills have found to better alternatives to the supplements and powders you have been using because of how effective they are.

One such muscle boosting supplement is called Ultra Muscle Testo and uses L-Arginine to supercharge your nitric oxide levels.

Ultra Muscle Testo

What Is Ultra Muscle Testo?

Ultra Muscle Testo is a potent nitric oxide booster that uses all-natural ingredients to give you professional-grade benefits.

These benefits include getting ripped muscles, better muscle definition as well as bigger and stronger muscles.

This product can help you get rid of the protein powders and an assortment of pills you take to get buff.

This dietary supplement claims to contain the required amino acids that can help you get more energy as a pre-workout and help with muscle fatigue and recovery during post-workout.

Overall, Ultra Muscle Testo may be the only bodybuilding supplement you need to get a 100% ripped lean muscle body.

Let’s find out if it is what it claims to be.

Ultra Muscle Testo Ingredients

The ingredients in Ultra Muscle Testo are blended using a mix of potent amino acids like L-Arginine which help stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body.

The L-Arginine used is a well-researched non-essential amino acid that helps cause vasodilation and promotes blood flow to the muscles.

The increase in nitric oxide in the body allows more oxygenated blood to be pumped to the muscles, helping to reduce fatigue, improve recovery and promote endurance.

The vasodilation allows for more blood to be pumped throughout the body by dilating the blood vessels.

This increase in blood vessel size also helps men get better erections, allowing UltraMuscle to combat sexual health problems like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation as well.

The other ingredients used also help boost nitric oxide and also stimulate your libido for increased sex drive which is a bonus of this muscle building supplement.

Ultra Muscle Testo Results

What Are The Side Effects?

As Ultra Muscle Testo is made with all-natural ingredients, you are free from worrying about side effects or other adverse reactions.

With this product, your bodybuilding routine will be supercharged with heavier weight lifting and greater endurance, giving you bigger muscles and faster recovery.

However, note that you will experience a noticeable increase in energy throughout the day with this product as it helps burn stored fat, converting the excess fat into energy for your workouts.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

Ultra Muscle Testo is owned and marketed by a Cyprus based company called BNE Bio Natural Essentials Ltd.

The manufacturers of Ultra Muscle Testo have also provided their contact details:

  • Registered Head Office Address: BNE Bio Natural Essentials Ltd (Registration Number ΗΕ 361474), Q Tower, 5th Floor, Ioanni, Condilaki 47, 6042, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Returns Address: BNE Bio Natural Essentials, PO Box 42388, Larnaca, Cyprus.
  • Customer Service Tel (UK): 0800 023 9116/ 0800 909 8498
  • Customer Service Email: contactus@bneessentials.com

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, if you were hoping for a way to get Ultra Muscle Testo Max by paying a few quid, you are in luck.

The manufacturer of this muscle gain supplement is providing UK Residents a Risk-Free Trial Offer where you only have to pay for shipping and handling cost.

This trial offer will allow you to enjoy the benefits of these bodybuilding pills before paying the full price.

Note that you will have to provide your details if you want it delivered to your address when you order the trial offer from the official website.

Editors Note – Following a lot of complaints about multiple credit card charges we have decided not to recommend this product anymore. 


Not Approved Stamp

So, What’s The Alternative To Ultra Muscle Testo?

Our initial recommendation for Ultra Muscle Testo was positive. However, the many complaints about charges on credit cards have changed our verdict.

So, if you shouldn’t buy Ultra Muscle Testo, what should you consider buying instead?

The best nitric oxide booster alternative reviewed on beautytohealth.com is Crazy Bulk’s NO2 Max.

NO2 Max

This product is owned and marketed by the guys at Wolfson Berg Limited. The manufacturers are well-known in the supplement industry with several successful products on the market.

NO2 Max works similarly to Ultra Muscle Testo as it contains 100% natural ingredients that promote nitric oxide synthesis. However, the list of ingredients and their concentrations are clearly labeled.

There is also the fact that both men and women can use NO2 Max. This pill is great for improved your performance at the gym and in bed.

And this transparency regarding critical information is what separates this nitric oxide booster from the others in the market.

Ingredients in NO2 Max:

  • L-Arginine AKG (1800 mg)
  • DiCalcium Phosphate (80 mg)

Benefits of NO2 Max:

  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Improves strength and stamina
  • Heightens energy levels
  • Combats fatigue and muscle soreness
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Improves vascularity
  • Promotes fat burn

NO2 Max can also be purchased worldwide with free shipping for all orders from the official site.

Prices for buying NO2 Max:

  • Buying 1 bottle costs $59.95
  • Buying 3 bottles costs $ 119.90 ($39.96 per bottle)

Online Crazy Bulk NO2 Max Review

Buy Crazy Bulk NO2 Max Online

Ultra Muscle Testo








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  • All-Natural Ingredients


  • Only Risk-Free Trial Offer Available
  • Only Available On Official Site
  • Customer Complaints About Scam
  • Credit Cards Charged Without Authorization
  • No Customer Service

Comments to Ultra Muscle Testo

  1. Fu****** scam company trial offer only pay postage then find they have taken money for 3 products costing nearly £30. Then bank notified me they were trying to take another £96 + do not go near this company you will regret

  2. Like others, I accepted the free trial and did not fully read the extensive 4 page T&C that they hide behind which allowed them to charge my credit card an astonishing £187 as my return was in transit and not received, they say, within 14 days. I choose to cancel my credit card and have a new one reissued as I was so fearful of continuing charges. Shame on this company for being allowed to operate in UK. They are outright thieves. Russell Priestley

  3. Like JB says i asked for free trial only but received 60 tablets (which i haven’t used) they then tried to take £99 out of my account but my bank blocked them from taking it they then tried to take it from Amazon account but failed again
    Total scam company do not buy or even visit their website.

  4. thThey are crooks, offered trial £2, took out £5.25. After 14 day took out £174 from my bank. There is nothing I can do the bank.
    Stay away

  5. BNE Bio Essentials Ltd is a RIP-OFF!
    They claim to offer a ‘free’ trial for the cost of shipping and handling, and then take £187 from your bank account. And with no way of getting in touch with them!!
    The product is utterly useless too!
    Don’t be scammed like I have been.

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