Ultra Boost Supercharge Review

Ultra Boost Supercharge Review – Men are often hesitant about going to the doctor for their desire to supercharge their sexual performance in the bedroom, which is why products like Ultra Boost Supercharge have been steadily growing in popularity. According to the main site for this male enhancement pill, users may experience improved sexual health with a boost in stamina, libido and even penis size with this sex pill.

Ultra Boost Supercharge Review

What Is Ultra Boost Supercharge?

Ultra Boost Supercharge is considered a step forward in the male enhancement supplement industry as it makes use of its proprietary formula that contains active botanicals and herbal extracts to truly satisfy your partner in bed. The official website even claims that with this pill, you may experience:

  • 82% growth in penis size (length and girth)
  • 79% increase in sexual stamina for better endurance in bed
  • 89% enhanced sex drive for more intense and pleasurable orgasms

How Does Ultra Boost Supercharge Work?

On beautytohealth.com, we have reviewed a number of male enhancement pills that work in a few different methods including, increasing testosterone, increasing nitric oxide and suppressing estrogen levels. In the case of Ultra Boost Supercharge Male Enhancement, we surmise that this pill takes the second route which is to increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

The advantage of increasing nitric oxide in the body is that this phenomenon improves blood flow to the penis for improved erections and sexual performance while also being helpful for improving workout performance. This is because the enhanced blood circulation helps the muscles in the body get more oxygenated blood, enhancing recovery and reducing fatigue, enhancing stamina and endurance.

The increase in penis size which is claimed to be possible is assessed to occur over time when the penis is engorged with blood over and over again. This engorgement of the penis occurs because nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator in the body, dilating the blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow into the penis chambers.

Overall, according to our experiences with reviewing male enhancement pills for the past few years, the effectiveness of the increase in penis size may not be as massive as advertised. However, the boost in erection hardness and sexual stamina are points that have been proven time and time again with similar products.

What Are The Active Ultra Boost Supercharge Ingredients?

Supercharge Pills are said to be made from the proprietary formula that follows a dual-action formula with clinical strength ingredients that include herbal extracts and active botanicals. While the exact ingredients that are used are unknown, we do know that the product is made from natural ingredients that cause no side effects.

According to our research, the ingredients used have been selected by the manufacturers to help improve libido, sexual performance, and pleasure during sex. While it is unfortunate that the ingredient list has not been made public, the official website does indicate the ingredients used are primarily for improving libido and nitric oxide production.

What Are The Claimed Benefits Of Ultra Boost Supercharge?

When we take a look at the official manufacturer’s website for Ultra Boost Supercharge Male Enhancement, there are a few benefits that are said to be possible to experience by the men who take this male enhancement pill:

  • Longer lasting erections: By increasing blood flow to the penis.
  • Improved self-confidence: Due to the natural improvement in sexual performance.
  • Increased stamina: Due to natural ingredients that improve male enhancement attributes.
  • Improved pleasure and intimacy: Because of harder erections and longer lasting stamina.
  • Combats premature ejaculation: By improving nitric oxide and enhancing blood circulation.
  • Provides stronger orgasms: By using herbal ingredients to stimulate sexual performance.

What Are The Side Effects To Expect With Ultra Boost Supercharge?

Our findings indicated that the official site claims that their product doesn’t cause any side effects. The lack of side effects may be because of the natural and herbal ingredients that are used while also may be due to the special formula that was used to promote nitric oxide production.

Also, because this supplement is not used to promote testosterone production, there are no risks of side effects due to hormone imbalance or instability. Of course, taking any male enhancement supplement over the recommended dosage may be unforeseen side effects for some. But, we think that if you take the pills correctly by following the directions provided, users should not expect any issues.

How Many Pills Do You Need To Take To Get Supercharged?

Talking about the dosage, the site states that there are 60 pills in every bottle which is supposed to last a month. This means that the daily recommended dosage is two pills. The official site fails to provide us the details on when the pills need to be taken, but other similar pills are intended to be taken in the morning with breakfast.

Regardless of when you take the supplement, it is best to avoid doing so in the evening in case the pills contain stimulants like caffeine. Unlike prescription male enhancement pills, these pills don’t need to be taken before having sex as they are designed to improve performance over a period of time rather than immediately.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Ultra Boost Supercharge?

We tried but failed to find Ultra Boost Supercharge on Amazon or the other top e-commerce sites. So, if you do want to buy Ultra Boost Supercharge, it is recommended to make your purchase from the official website. This site does provide a risk-free trial that only requires you to pay a nominal shipping and handling fee at the time of your purchase.

Unfortunately, many users have had bad experiences with similar risk-free trials as these are known to enroll the user into an auto-shipment program that sends (and charges for) a new bottle every month. This has been shown to end up costing users thousands of dollars over just a few months.

What Are Our Pros And Cons About Ultra Boost Supercharge?

Here are some of the pros and cons about Ultra Boost Supercharge according to our evaluation for this Ultra Boost Supercharge review:

The Pros:

  • Helps improve nitric oxide levels
  • Comes with plausible benefits
  • Free from side effects

The Cons:

  • Ingredient list not mentioned
  • Doesn’t come with user testimonials and reviews
  • Not recommended by doctors
  • No clinical proof of the claims made
  • Can only be used by adult men
  • Manufacturers are unknown
  • Questionable risk-free trial offer
  • Auto-shipment can be difficult to cancel later
  • Only for UK residents

How Do We Recommend Ultra Boost Supercharge?

Several male enhancement supplements are available to be purchased online with some providing quality results. Unfortunately, while the claims of Ultra Boost Supercharge project this pill to be like the top-tier products, our evaluation of it is not as high. The reason for this is the lack of information available on the product along with the risk-free trial offered which can charge more than USD 80 every month to unsuspecting users.

For this Ultra Boost Supercharge Review, everything combined has led us to decide not to recommend Ultra Boost Supercharge to our readers.

If you are looking for a male enhancement supplement that has shown to help thousands of users and won’t charge you through the nose every month, you might want to take a look at one of our top-rated male enhancement supplements called Male Extra.

Ultra Boost SuperCharge








Customer Reviews





  • May Improve Nitric Oxide Levels
  • No Known Side Effects


  • No Info On Ingredients
  • No Positive Reviews
  • No Clinical Proofs Of Claims Made
  • Unknown Manufacturer
  • Autoshipment Might Be Difficult To Cancel

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  1. Be warned.
    They offer you a free sample and then put you on autoshipment.
    There is no warning on the website that you will be put on autoshipment.
    You only have 14 days to cancel autoshipment.

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