These Simple Tips Will Help You Maintain Overall Oral Health

We all know that one of the first things people notice while talking is our teeth. Bright teeth will always impress everyone with a positive attitude towards healthy personal care. There is more to keep your teeth healthy than simply brushing and flossing.

But sometimes, our teeth lose its natural white glow due to our unhealthy intake habits causing them change its color and appearance. An unhealthy intake can disturb your overall personality and can portray you negatively.

A generation where people are more dependent on doctors, supplements, and sugar, they have forgotten the healthy techniques which would restore their healthy white and stain-free teeth. This could only possibly happen if we know, the reasons behind teeth losing its glow.

Reasons Behind Teeth Losing Its Charm:

  • Excess beverage intake
  • Hard and soft drink over-consumption
  • Excessive smoking
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Harmful products

Some of the reasons listed above can affect you with many oral hygienic problems such as:

Tooth Colorization:

An unhealthy food and beverage intake can cause change the appearance of teeth. This can remain permanent if didn’t take care properly. Tooth colorization is mainly seen in smokers, alcoholics, tea and coffee lovers. Some of the sports drinks, energy drinks, and organic acids are known to break down calcium.

Tooth Colorization In Smokers

Respiratory infections:

Our respiratory system can suffer majorly due to our poor oral hygiene. Bacteria present in our mouth can affect our teeth badly, and the substances from swollen and infected gums can travel to our lungs and through our bloodstreams. Respiratory infections, pneumonia, and acute bronchitis can be caused due to bacteria present in our mouth.


Poor oral health can affect our brain. Substances that are released from weak and infected gums can kill healthy brain cells leading to memory loss. Dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease can result from gingivitis when the harmful bacteria present in the mouth spread to our nerve channels or enters the bloodstream.



In people with diabetes, symptoms can worsen as the blood sugar levels go high because of gum diseases.  It is highly recommended for diabetic patients to take proper and healthy care of their oral health to protect themselves from any complications. An individual with poor oral health hygiene can have a risk of developing diabetes.

Tooth Weakness:

Ignoring healthy care of teeth leads growing harmful bacteria between our teeth causing them lose its true strength and power. This makes our teeth and gums unhealthy and very sensitive, that restricts us from cold or hot food or drinks consumption.

Bad Breath:

Bad breath can cause due to bacteria and virus in our mouth and between teeth. The kind of diet we follow, poor dental hygiene, infections and many other reasons can lead you to bad breath.

Bad Breath

Pregnancy complications:

It is always advised to pregnant women to take care of their over-all hygiene. Hormonal changes in woman’s body during pregnancy can cause a woman to develop oral infections much easily. Oral health problems in a mother can lead to premature birth and low birth weight in infants.


Excessive smoking, tobacco chewing, and drinking habits can lead to oral and throat cancers. Risk of kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancer are higher to an individual with poor oral health.

To refrain ourselves from these harmful and painful diseases, one should know the proper ways to keep their oral health hygienic and strong.

Tips To Keep Healthy, White and Stain Free Teeth:

  • Drink A Lot Of Water: Water helps cleaning food and bacteria stuck in and around your mouth. People often rinse their mouth or gargle after their meal that has proved beneficial as it washes your mouth and directs the leftovers towards the stomach. It balances the acid levels in our mouth that can erode tooth enamel and weaken the teeth.
  • Lower Acidic Food Intake: Acidity in our mouth and between teeth increases the risk of tooth decay and cavity allowing bacteria to penetrate the tooth surface and gums. It is impossible to avoid acidic food completely, but a good knowledge of food items affecting your mouth can help you prevent oral problems.
  • A Healthy Diet: A proper intake of nutritious food items can help keeping oral health, proper and hygienic. Consumptions such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy can supply essential nutrients and minerals that can benefit teeth with Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D, and Magnesium.
  • Dental Check-Up: Dental check-ups every six months can help monitoring you with your oral health. Consulting dentist can benefit us with taking necessary measurements helps building oral health, strong and powerful.

Supplementary Help For Health Oral Hygiene:

The technologies have made their limits, their strength and brought us surprising and unheard things that can be beneficial to the humans. Supplements are one such invention helping humans as a solution to their various problems. Supplement industries have grown vast taking every aspect and issues into consideration. Oral health also plays one of the parts in their account.

Oral Health Supplements

As the culture of human living is changing day by day affecting their way of life and way of intake, these industries are blooming day by day with kind of products; they are selling as a solution to oral health. One such product which is known for components that helps to bring back our white teeth and helps cleaning our stains on teeth due to many factors.

As an advise, it is necessary that we take good care of our oral health to have a wholesome body. If we try to improve our excessive intakes, we can have a healthy and phosphorous oral health.



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