Tips To Make Long-Term Weight Loss Possible

While weight loss can be difficult for some, it’s not impossible, especially given the choices in weight loss supplements that are recommended on this website. These products work wonders if you are someone who needs to lose weight for an event like your wedding or to get your health back in order. However, many of our readers have asked whether there are methods or tips they can follow to stay healthy, slim and fit as they grow older.

Long term weight loss

To solve this concern, our team has found five ways you can make sure that you keep your long-term weight loss goals throughout the years with minimal effort and no additional pills.

Here are five tips to make long-term weight loss possible:

1. Keep Moving And Stay Active For Long-Term Weight Loss:

The easiest way to make sure that you lose weight now and keep it off in the future is always to stay active. By active, we don’t necessarily mean going to the gym and jogging on the treadmill for an hour every day (although this would be great for your health and wellbeing). As you grow older, your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight declines. So, staying active and moving about can help prevent weight gain. Just doing routine chores including walking the dog, gardening, and vacuuming the floors are a few good ways to stay active. This tip is supported by many studies which have shown that lean older adults move around more frequently than those leading a sedentary lifestyle who are fatter.

A few simple ways to follow this tip is by:

  • Try to keep track of how much you have been moving about using a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps every day.
  • Do some of your chores by hand instead of using convenient devices. This can help burn a lot of calories throughout the day.
  • A 2011 study found that lean people spend less time sitting (7 hrs) compared to obese people (9.5 hrs). So, take a short walk or move about every hour you are sitting down.

2. Eat Your Greens And Plants For Long-Term Weight Loss:

We all know that greens and leafy veggies are good for the health and weight loss. So, it’s apparent that you should include greens in your meals throughout your life to stay healthy and trim. According to Food Rules author, Michael Pollan, it’s best that you eat lighter and healthier with every meal which contains some form of a plant. There are also other publications that support the theory that eating more greens and vegetables helps fat loss and improved health.

A few simple ways to follow this tip is by:

  • Eating more grains and vegetables instead of meats and potatoes for a healthier future.
  • Every meal should have at least one plant or leafy green.
  • Focus on eating fresh produce like vegetables, grains, and fruits over processed foods to prevent weight gain.

3. Change Your Habits As You Grow Older For Long-Term Weight Loss:

Growing older means that your body is constantly changing and working differently than before. So, if you want long-term weight loss and healthy living, you will need to change your lifestyle and weight loss habits along with time as well.

Change Your Habits As You Grow Older

A few simple ways to follow this tip is by:

  • Expect that your diet will decline as you get older, so make sure that you don’t overeat.
  • Make sure that you eat healthy food that is prepared by healthy means to stay ahead of weight gain.
  • Remember that liquor also contains calories and plan your diet and meals accordingly.
  • Try eating five small meals a day instead of the traditional three meals to help reduce the strain on your digestive system.

4. Don’t Stay Up Late And Get Enough Rest For Long-Term Weight Loss:

Weight loss isn’t just about staying active and eating right, it’s also about giving your body the rest it needs. Meaning that while you could pull all-nighter and party till the sun came up in healthy, this may not be possible in your 40s or 50s. This is because such a sleep-deficient lifestyle is not possible for you to keep up for long as it will start to cause weight gain. This happens because a lack of restful sleep triggers your brain to reduce levels of leptin and increase ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates your satiety (how full your body feels after eating), and ghrelin regulates your appetite (how hungry you feel). There is also an increase in the production of the stress hormone, cortisol with reduced amounts of sleep that also causes appetite issues and weight gain.

A few simple ways to follow this tip is by:

  • Understand the importance of sleep to your long-term weight loss goals and your body’s need for rest.
  • Try to limit what you eat before bed to get a good night’s rest.
  • Get help if you have sleeping problems.

5. Always Stay Hydrated For Long-Term Weight Loss:

Drinking water is essential to all of us, especially so as we get older. This is because our body needs water to help make sure that the organs and the rest of the body works in its best condition. And while drinking water keeps your stomach full and the hunger away, it also helps promote weight loss and healthy living. Most doctors advise that you should be drinking eight glasses of water daily. This is a great way to flush your system of any toxins you have ingested from the environment and diet.

Stay Hydrated For Long-Term Weight Loss

A few simple ways to follow this tip is by:

  • Learn to differentiate thirst from hunger. Drink some water and confirm that its hunger you feel before eating something.
  • Make sure that you always have drinking water ready for when you get thirsty.

These were the five tips that can help you make long-term weight loss easy. While there are some of us who are blessed with genes that keep them fit and slim without additional effort, you need to understand that you too can stay healthy and trim by following some simple tips for long-term weight loss.

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