Teeth Whitening Pens Review – Do They Really Work?

Teeth Whitening Pens Review – Do They Really Work?

This Teeth Whitening Pens review details my findings on teeth whitening pens with the article starting off with my personal experience and information regarding teeth whitening. I hope that this article will give you a better understanding of how teeth whitening pens work.

If you look in the mirror and smile, you probably don’t like the fact that your teeth have a slight yellowish tint on the surface, right? Me neither. Unfortunately, I have gotten into the habit of drinking 5 cups of coffee a day which has led my teeth to become yellow and stained.

Teeth Whitening Pens Review

So, you are not to only one who has had this thought which is why many people get their teeth professionally bleached at the dentists every day. Unfortunately, this procedure can be painful for some due to the concentrated chemicals, that are used to bleach the teeth, interacting with the gums.

I had also considered getting my teeth professionally bleached but did some research and found that there were safer and cheaper alternatives to getting whiter teeth and a brighter smile without going to the dentist.

Another disadvantage and the main reason many people don’t get their teeth whitened at the dentists is the cost. It can cost anywhere between $400 to over $1000 to get your teeth whitened by a professional. When compared to this teeth whitening method, most people prefer using home teeth whitening products like teeth whitening pens which are much cheaper while providing the same level of results as the professional teeth whiteners.

When I was first introduced to teeth whitening pens, I thought this was one of those internet products that barely work, so was not interested. However, when I happened to hear a colleague talk about her personal experience with products that contain Carbamide Peroxide, I was instantly reminded of teeth whitening pens and how its manufacturer’s claimed that these pens could help give me professional-grade results in a matter of uses.

These guys even went to the extent to say that users can experience an improvement in the color and brightness of their teeth in just two applications.

What Are Teeth Whitening Pens?

These things are called “Pens” for a reason. They do actually look like pens and are easy to carry. The convenience makes me prefer using these pens over anything like a mouth-guard or whitening strips.

Teeth Whitening Pens are usually made of plastic and are very small in size. Women can carry them in their handbags just like a lipstick. Once applied, these whitening pens show results in minutes to make teeth look white and bright.

Teeth Whitening Pen

Ingredients in Teeth Whitening Pens:

The ingredients in teeth whitening pens vary according to brands. Some of the common ingredients include glycerin, peppermint, sodium hydroxide, and flavoring agents.

Carbamide Peroxide is the most important and common ingredient in teeth whitening pens and is responsible for making the teeth white.

Carbamide Peroxide is a bleaching agent which breaks into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Peroxide being a vital bleaching agent provides oxygen to the teeth enamel which helps in the lightening of the teeth.

How To Use A Teeth Whitening Pen:

Teeth Whitening Pens are becoming popular mainly because they are very easy to use. Here are the steps on how to use a teeth whitening pen:

  1. Make sure your teeth are dry. Brushing before an application can provide better results.
  2. Apply the teeth whitening gel on your teeth. Avoid application on gums.
  3. Let the gel dry for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Optional – Some teeth whitening pens required you to rinse after the gel is dry.

Do Teeth Whitening Pens Work?

We have been reviewing Teeth Whitening products for almost a decade and have found that Teeth Whitening Pens are the most popular among all whitening products. There is no reason for people to demand something that does not work. Apart from this website, there are enough customer reviews that have proved that teeth whitening pens do really work.

Teeth Whitening Pens might not work as good as professional teeth whitening done at a dentist after spending hundreds of dollars. But for a quick fix, people have been using these pens. Some women carry them every day for a quick application before an important meeting or social gathering.

These pens work as bleaching agent which help you make your teeth look whiter and stain free. This might work immediately for some and for others it might take a few days for results to show up.

For example, if you have a stain on one of your tooth or if few of your teeth are a little yellowish then a teeth whitening pen will help you to hide that stain or those yellow teeth. This effect might stay for few hours but after using the pen multiple times, the stain or yellow teeth can completely go away due to the bleaching agent working on the teeth.

Best Teeth Whitening Pens:

Like any other product, you will find numerous teeth whitening pens making various claims. Our research and experience tell us that most of them do the same job but there is a huge cost difference between them. Hence, there is no best or top rated teeth whitening pens. However, we have a few pointers which will help you make a choice before buying a teeth whitening pen.

Teeth Whitening Pens Free Trial:

There are few brands which allow you to try the product before buying. They ask you to pay a shipping fee to try the product free. However, after X amount of day,s they start charging your credit card that you used to pay the shipping fee. We have got complaints from people about their cards being charged for hundreds of dollars. We recommend you to stay away from search trial offers.

Expensive Teeth Whitening Pens:

If we carefully look at the ingredients and the overall product, we should note that there is nothing expensive about these. Yet, some brands claim that they have certain ingredients which make their teeth whitening pens expensive. Our recommendation is not to buy an expensive teeth whitening pen as it will do the same job as a cheaper one.

Our Recommended Teeth Whitening Pens:

After intense research and looking at customer reviews, we have been recommending Impressive Smile Teeth Whitening Pens to our readers. These pens are priced at approximately $7 per pen and the price can go down if you order more. Moreover, this product has received quite a few positive customer reviews.

Discount Offer – Buy 2 Teeth Whitening Pens For $13.99 (Save $6)

Teeth Whitening Pens Review Conclusion:

Teeth Whitening Pens are an easy and quick method to whiten your teeth. This method is working for people and hence the popularity is increasing day by day. Most of the products have similar ingredients and hence it is difficult to choose the top ones. Our recommendation is to go for something that’s cheap and not a trial offer.

Teeth Whitening Pens

USD 6.99
Teeth Whitening Pens


9.4 /10


9.2 /10


9.5 /10

Customer Reviews

9.1 /10


9.5 /10


  • Easy To Use
  • Small Pen Size. Can Be Carried Anywhere
  • Gives Results in Minutes
  • Gives Desired Results. Happy Customers!
  • Cost Effective


  • Can Be Little Sensitive To Gums

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