Skin Changes From Teenage To 30 Years Of Age (Stage 1)

Skin Changes From Teenage To 30 Years Of Age (Stage 1)
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What Changes Occur In our Skin: From Teenage To 30 Years.

How To Take Proper Care Of Our Skin In Our Late 20s?

This is the first part of our Age Specific Skin Care Guidelines.

If you think skin aging is a “problem” you’ll face after 30’s then you cannot be more wrong. Aging is a slow and steady process. Your skin changes every decade. Right from the time of your birth, you start aging and so does your skin. At the time of birth your skin was soft and smooth as you weren’t exposed to harsh environment. Once you start growing old, your skin toughens up and becomes strong and supple. You must thank the surplus amount of collagen, elastin and subcutaneous tissues. So what exactly happens or should we say what exactly goes wrong? Let’s find out.

The real trouble for you skin starts with the teenage years. During this time, your body is going through a lot hormonal changes. These changes stimulates oil glands and there is a lot of oil secretion happening on your skin. This leads to blocked pores, which further causes pimples and acne. This is the point of life where you felt miserable and helpless. Sorry for bringing out those dark memories. But once all the hormones are settled down the pimples and acnes clear up. You might be left with some scars but its OK, we can deal with them now. Now starts the glorious period of beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.

Unfortunately, this glorious period isn’t going to last forever. As we mentioned earlier, your skin changes every decade. The changes are very minor. If you observe very carefully you will start seeing fine lines, uneven skin tone, and minor dark spots. In your late 20’s these signs become prominent, you may also see a wrinkle or two. These are the red flags you should not ignore. Causes for these mini disasters? Overexposure to sun, excess consumption of drinking, stress, smoking, pollution and unhealthy diet.

Calm down, there is no need to panic. Skin aging is an enemy which can be slowed down with proper weapons. The most important and also the cheapest weapon is the sunscreen with more than SPF 15. A sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV rays and is very easy to apply. Now is also a good time to start a skincare routine with an anti-aging cream or serum. Your anti-aging serum or cream must have retinol in it. Retinol boosts collagen production thus slowing down skin aging and strengthening your skin. It is also an antioxidant which provides an extra layer of protection during the day and at night absorbs all free radicals causing skin aging. Try to include vitamin C in your skincare product which is an effective antioxidant. There are other measures you need to take to slow down the skin aging process like maintaining healthy diet, low intake of alcohol and most important stop smoking.

We as human beings are often tempted to take short cuts. The reason we are saying this is that you may be tempted to go for Botox or any other derma filler or plastic surgery. Don’t go down that path. There is no reversing the damage. There are so many side effects to these cosmetic procedures like itching, rashes, headaches, irritation to the skin, etc. Always opt for skincare products with natural ingredients. It’s never too late to care for your skin as it is the largest organ of our body. It protects us from various external factors such as germs, infections, pollution and sun.

Now you are aware of the Stage 1 of the skin aging process, stay tuned for the Stage 2 (after 30).

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