5 Changes In Skin Due To Age

5 Stages Of Skin Aging

Starting this week, we are going to publish age specific skin care tips, guidelines and information. Whether you are 25 years old or 65, we will make sure you get the best skin care information which will work wonders for your skin and help you stay and look young for a very long time.

Aging cannot be stopped, but we sure can delay its effects on our skin. Lets find out how!

How Does Age Affect Skin? Does It Get Worse With Age?

It would be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer and come out wrinkle free and three sizes smaller. But we can’t. Taking care of our skin is not a vain thing to do. Our skin protects our internal organs from harmful elements like UV rays from sun, dirt, grime, germs, cold and heat. Skincare is just a way of keeping the largest organ of our body healthy. Our skin also secrets antibacterial substances that prevent from various infections.

Great. Now you have understood the importance of skincare, you may want to know what exactly is skin aging, its different stages, factors responsible for it, and how to take care of it.

Stage 1 (Initial Stages Of Skin Aging Upto 30)

When we are born, as infants our skin is soft and smooth, because we are not exposed to harsh environment. As we grow old, our skin starts to toughen up. It’s soft, supple and strong because of the generous amount of collagen, elastin and subcutaneous tissues. During teenage years, there is a surge of hormones in our body, which stimulates various glands to produce more sweat and oil. This uneven distribution of oils on the skin can cause blocked pores which is the root cause for pimples and acne. But once the hormones have settled down, the pimples and acne clears up. The outer layer of the skin, epidermis, thins slightly. That would be around 17-19 years of age. During this period your skin starts to glow, remains strong, firm, supple and soft. Many people think that skin is great until 35 and that’s when skin processes slow down, but it’s a myth. Our skin cell processes change every decade, it’s just we the cumulative effects all together. If you are in your late 20’s, this is the time your skin will start to dull, become dry. Don’t ignore these red flags.

Causes: Over exposure to sun, stress, pollution, harsh environments, smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

Signs: In your 20’s skin doesn’t show much signs of aging. But still you may find some dark spots, patch skin, fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Care to be taken: Early 20’s is the best time to start using products with antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea extract and fruit acids. Even if your skin isn’t showing the signs of aging, it is advisable to start using these antioxidants as precautionary measure. The best anti-aging potion for any person of any age is a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. You may be tempted to ignore it, but sunscreen can slow down skin aging .

Stage 2 (After 30)

We don’t mean to scare you, but it’s true. Your body has already peaked in between 24-29 years. Your body’s metabolism starts to slow when you hit 30. This affects the bioenergy of all the body cells. Decrease in bioenergy of skin cells causes reduction in collagen production. Collagen helps keep skin firm, strong and supple.

Causes: Over exposure to sun, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, late nights, smoking, excess alcohol consumption.

Signs: Dark spots, fine lines around the eyes, dark circles and dull complexion. Post pregnancy.

Care to be taken: If you haven’t started using sunscreen yet then do start now. As mentioned earlier sunscreen is the best anti-aging potion. Start by quitting smoking, if you are going for an anti-aging product then go for one with Vitamin B3 a.k.a niacin amide. This is the key ingredient in revving up metabolism of the skin cells. Check your skin every month if possible, to keep an eye for sagging skin. Late 30’s is the time you may find your skin sagging or wrinkles.

Don’t go crazy with anti-aging products. All you need to do now is slow down the aging process.

Stage 3 (After 40)

Once in your 40’s, your skin tends to be more duller, rougher and patchier. There is a lot of uneven pigmentation around the eyes. This is also the time when you come across your first wrinkles. The fat below your skin starts to thin and gravity will do its job and sag your skin. Pregnancy gives your skin a healthy and natural glow from within. But post pregnancy you lose all that glow and skin aging is accelerated.

Causes: Over exposure to sun, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, excess alcohol consumption, smoking. Post pregnancy.

Signs: Prolonged dark circles, increase in fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet, sagging skin, dry and patchy skin.

Care to be taken: Analyze your skin, figure out what are the major problems of your skin. Your Skincare Products should contain ingredients like retinol, glycol acid and peptides. They will help you jump start the collagen production in your skin, help them keep your skin firm, soft and smooth.

Stage 4 (After 50)

Once you hit 50, you transition into menopause. The skin barrier function becomes weak and it cannot retain hydration. This makes your skin extremely dry. Elastin in your skin lessens, thus sagging your skin. After the age of 50 all the skin problems worsen.

Causes: Nothing but your body’s slow metabolism, sun damage, smoking, stress, excess alcohol consumption.

Signs: At this point of your life, you need no signs to recognize your skin is aging . You’ll know.

Care to be taken: After 50, you can maintain younger, smoother and healthy skin by following a healthy lifestyle. This should include quitting smoking, eating balanced diet, reducing alcohol consumption. According to the researchers in McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, jogging or cycling can improve the protein structure in your skin. Thus making your skin look younger. Don’t forget to continue using your Skincare Products religiously.

Stage 5 (After 60)

With decrease in mortality rates and healthy standards of living, people in their 60’s are still working. They want to look presentable to compete in the market full of young professionals. All the skin problems mentioned above are accelerated at this age. Reduction in oil producing glands will cause extreme dry skin. It can cause irritation and itchiness to your skin.

Causes: Age!! With oxidation reaches its peak and causes rapid deterioration of skin. Metabolism

Signs: Really? Dry and sagging skin, wrinkles, crow feet, etc.

Care to be taken: Your Skincare Products should have higher concentration of retinol, antioxidants and peptides. Aerobic exercises like jogging or cycling improve protein structure of your skin.

aging is inevitable. All we can do is slow down the process. Some people go to extreme lengths to look young. Getting Botox injections, undergoing a knife, etc. In our humble opinions these are bullshit. Use products with natural ingredients as they don’t have any side effects.


5 Changes In Skin Due To Age
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