Shocking Revelations On These 5 Beauty Products

Shocking Revelations On These 5 Beauty Products

For a generation, beauty products have saved us ladies and few gentlemen from many adverse effects of nature. But some old methods of using these products have stuck around till now. There few products which you may not be using to its full potential.

If you just make changes here and there, these beauty products will give better results. Let’s just jump right into it.

skincare mistakes

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have been around for a very long time now and many of us use them to get a French Bun or Top Knot. We often complain that they do not stay in one place and do not hold on the hairstyles. It may be because you have been using them wrong. Your hair falls out of the bun or knot not because you are skilled enough (although that may be the contributing factor honey!) but because of the ineffective use of bobby pins. The squiggly arms of the pins should be parallel or touching the scalp, not the flat part.

For extra hold, spritz some hairspray on the pins and then secure your hairstyle with bobby pins.

Bobby pins

Eye Creams Or Serums

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and need utmost care and attention. We go to extreme lengths to take care this skin by using big sunglasses to protect it from UV radiation. Eye creams are your best friends when comes to protect and repair damage to the delicate under eye skin. A proper technique is needed to apply eye creams without damaging your delicate skin. Some people tend to simply rub the cream aggressively on the skin without any consideration for the skin.

The proper way to apply an eye cream to the delicate under eye skin is given below:

  • First of all, take a small amount of the cream or serum on your ring finger.
  • Rub it against your thumb to warm it up a little bit.
  • Then gently dab it on.

The reason we use ring finger is because it exerts least amount of pressure. Now you know why your eye product is not giving you desired result.

This is why trying a skin care product before including it in our skincare routine makes much more sense. Not all but some skincare products are available in a Risk Free Trial Offer, where you just have to pay for shipping and handling charges and try the product for free.

eye cream


Wait, you don’t use SPF?? Umm.. You should start using one. Sunblocks with high SPF content can prevent fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer. Incorporate this basic anti-aging product in your daily skincare routine.

And for those who use it regularly, check whether your method is correct or not.

  • One must apply sunscreen daily. By daily we mean DAILY, whether you see the sun or not.
  • Reapply after few hours.



Exfoliating has various benefits. They slough off the dead skin cells, let your skin breath, make the absorption of creams ad serum easy and help fade away dark spots.

Many of you make the mistake of using this 2-3 times in a week. This causes the skin to dry and slowly acne breaks out. Your skin secretes oil to keep it moisturized. Due over exfoliation, your skin becomes dry and the skin pores excrete extra oil. This causes an acne breakout.


Dry Shampoo

Everyone knows how to use a dry shampoo but very easily forgets the quantity in which it has to be used. Your scalp may turn out to be white if not used in proportions. Here are few precautions you need to take if you want to keep dandruff away.

  • Make sure you spray dry shampoo from a distance.
  • Work in sections.
  • Spray it along the roots.
  • Less is more; spray little by little till you get desired results.


So these were the products which need to use in the correct fashion. Which products do you think are used improperly most frequently?

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  1. Excellent article. I learned many new features about beauty products. Personally, I think that it’s best to eat the right food to get the necessary vitamins and micronutrients. This will keep the skin, hair in excellent condition. Why use different products of chemical industry? For example, oily fish, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Our body can not produce such fats on its own, so they must be obtained from food or supplements. Omega-3 gives hair shine! In addition, there are a huge number of different creams and other care products. It’s very difficult to choose. Therefore, it is better to eat right and no problems with the skin or hair you will not have. All problems are due to a lack of certain trace elements in an organism.

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