5 Reasons Some Men Cannot Last Longer In Bed

Some men can last for tens of minutes during sex before orgasm. There are also men who can perform like porn stars with a hard member that can last for well over an hour. But there are also those who find it difficult even to last a couple of minutes. These men, depending on the doctor’s diagnosis, could be labeled to having Premature Ejaculation, or PE issues.

Facts About Premature Ejaculation:

There was a recent study conducted that found out from therapists, physicians, and social workers, that its sex that lasts between 7 to 13 minutes which give the best sexual experience for both partners. This time is not including foreplay which is much more reasonable compared to the information on the internet where it’s expected for a guy to last over an hour with a fully erect penis.

Premature Ejaculation

The men who cannot last long in bed are often those who are struggling with premature ejaculation. These men often find it difficult even to reach the 7-minute mark. And more surprisingly, it’s been found that 1 in 3 men suffer from chronic Premature Ejaculation, meaning that the premature ejaculation problem is not a short-term one, but one that has been going on for more than a few months. For such men, it can be difficult to enjoy sex, let alone sexually please their partners in bed. Premature ejaculation is such a big problem for men around the world and in the United States that those with premature ejaculation number thrice the number of people with erectile dysfunction.

The Truth About Having Premature Ejaculation:

Unfortunately, many women also expect their partners to last an hour during sex which puts a strain on their relationship when the man finds it difficult to even last a minute before the climax. Unlike ED, no little blue pill can fix premature ejaculation. For most men with premature ejaculation issues, they find it difficult to control their ejaculation mechanism leading their partners to think them to be selfish.

A survey was conducted by urologists Andrew McCullough, M.D., of the New York University School of Medicine and James Barada, M.D., of the Albany College of Medicine. This survey showed that of the 1,100 men who reported to have premature ejaculation problems, half of them stated that they had difficulty enjoying sex because they were more concentrated on preventing their premature ejaculation instead of enjoying the experience.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why men cannot last long in bed:

Reason 1: Getting Older

We know that getting older can cause sexual performance to decline which includes having premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems. A recent survey found that almost thirty percent of men who are in their sixties and seventies experience premature ejaculation. While male enhancement pills like Viagra can help improve erection quality, they don’t always work to helping enhance the duration of sex.

Premature Ejaculation Due To Getting Older

Reason 2: Too Much Foreplay

Orgasms occur when we reach the peak of our sexual excitement levels. So, if the man prefers to perform after a lot of foreplay, it can lead to premature ejaculation as he is too stimulated to control his orgasm. While foreplay is great to set the mood and get both partners warmed up, it can cause premature ejaculation in some men. To avoid this, make sure that you enjoy yourself without getting carried away.

Reason 3: Drinking Too Much Alcohol

The reason many men drink alcohol before having sex is to last longer in bed. If the man has been drinking, there is alcohol in his system which can cause his senses to become numb. The advantage of this is that the man won’t feel every sensation of his penis during intercourse which can help to last longer during sex. Unfortunately, there is a downside to drinking alcohol before sex. If he drinks too much, the man can end up so numb that he may find it difficult even to get an erection, leading to no sex for anyone.

Reason 4: Not Masturbating Before Sex

The mind can be trained to overcome many insurmountable obstacles, including premature ejaculation. It’s said that to last longer in bed, masturbating right before having sex can help. The man can also help train his own mind to understand his point of no return and stop himself on the brink of orgasm. So, one of the reasons many men ejaculate early during sex is because they are too keyed up and easily stimulated to orgasm.

Reason 5: Having Poor Technique In Bed

There are sexual techniques that can help increase stimulation of the penis, helping to improve sexual pleasure while causing orgasms faster. This is great for those who already have lasted for a sufficient period but isn’t suitable for those who struggle with premature ejaculation. If you are grappling with premature ejaculation, maybe you should consider changing your go-to technique in bed to help you last longer in bed.

These were the reasons most men cannot last long in bed. So, let’s take a look at how to help avoid premature ejaculation while enjoying sex like it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Ways To Can Help Premature Ejaculation:

Women need to understand that premature ejaculation is not a choice but a problem that has nothing to do with being selfish or lazy in bed. Often, men who have Premature Ejaculation will try their best at pleasing their partners instead of listening to their body, missing the signs that indicate the point of no return. A good way for the woman to help improve sex for both partners is by calming the man to relax and enjoy the moment instead of only thinking about her. The woman can also convince the man to try other forms of sexual experiences that don’t involve the penis to help reduce his performance anxiety.

Combating Premature Ejaculation

Some exercises are also available online that are said to help men improve their sexual stamina by practicing to delay their climax. Some men find that distracting themselves during sex can cause a delay in ejaculation while some perform the Please, Squeeze, At Ease method to gain success in delaying premature orgasm. This technique helps the man find his point of no return and instructs him to switch modes of sexual activity to allow the orgasmic feeling to go down. This helps relax his sexual tension which can help him last longer the next time he starts the intercourse.

The methods mentioned in this article can help most men improve their sexual experience and last longer in bed without relying on pharmaceuticals.

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5 Reasons Some Men Cannot Last Longer In Bed
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