Seratopicin Review: Does This Pain Relief Cream From Sera Labs Work?

Seratopicin is a pain relief cream which can replace your current pain medications. At least, according to the guys from Sera Labs who made this product.

This pain relief cream uses a hot new active ingredient for quicker results.

According to my research, this new ingredient, Hotact® VBE, has been working effectively at reducing joint and muscle pain.


It also comes with a light scent and works within a matter of minutes after application.

And unlike the sports sprays, this cream contains all-natural, vegan ingredients.

So, let’s get to it and see what this heating pain relief cream has to offer us.

What Is Seratopicin?

Seratopicin is a day-to-day pain relief cream that works by warming the skin. The warming agent is a propriety ingredient called Hotact® VBE.

This product can be used for most of your common muscle and joint pains.

It’s also drug-free and won’t cause long-term issues when used frequently.

However, if your pain doesn’t go away after a few days, you should consult a doctor.

This heating pain relief cream is made from 100% natural ingredient and contains no GMOs. It’s also made from vegan ingredients and tested to cause no side effects.

Overall, I found this product to work well as a regular pain relief ointment.

Who Can Use This Pain Relief Cream?

Seratopicin Pain Relief

This cream can be used safely by anyone over the age of 18.

If you are under 18, I recommend you talk to a doctor first as this cream contains potent ingredients.

It is also a topical cream, meaning that you can only apply it to your skin.

You should also avoid applying it to exposed skin, and cuts. So, you should absolutely not get it into your eyes or mouth.

I also found the shelf life of the product is decent, so one jar should go a long way. This is also true, even with frequent use.

What Are The Ingredients In This Pain Reliever?

When I checked the official website, it mentioned the active ingredient, Hotact® VBE.

So, here is what I found about this ‘hot’ new ingredient:

Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc. designed the formula for Hotact® VBE.

Sera Labs uses this proprietary ingredient in the pain relief cream, Seratopicin.

The ingredient is designed around Vanillyl Butyl Ether and acts as a sensory agent.

This agent causes a warming effect on the skin that works within the first five minutes. It also lasts up to two hours after application.

The advantage of this ingredient is that it causes less irritation compared to products that contain capsicum extract.

The warming effect allows the muscles to relax and joint pain to reduce.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

I took a look at the user reviews of this product. Some found it to be useful, while others didn’t notice a massive improvement from their previous pain creams.

But regardless of how effective the cream showed itself to be, I found that people did say it worked.

The list of benefits for Seratopicin:

  • 100% natural, vegan ingredients
  • Counters chronic pain
  • Soothes pains and aches
  • Warming effect on the skin
  • Provides relief from day-to-day aches and pains
  • Less irritation compared to similar products

What Type Of Pains Is This Beneficial For?

Seratopicin for various pains

Before you read the list of pain types this cream works on, know that it’s only for external use. This means that you shouldn’t apply it near the eyes or mouth.

Seratopicin helps against these types of pains:

  • Joint Pains
    The cream penetrates the skin quickly to soothe the pain in your joints.

    This is great for those with knee and shoulder pains.

  • Back And Neck Pain
    I am someone who has to deal with a lot of back and neck pain.

    If you are the same, you can use this cream to get rid of the pain quickly.

  • Muscle Aches
    Muscle aches are one of those problems that keep cropping up with greater frequency as we get older.

    But this cream seems to make these disappear without issue.

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

I am always concerned with buying products online as some are known to cause side effects.

These side effects are often caused by improperly processed low-quality ingredients.

I was intent on finding out if there were any potential side effects of this pain ointment.

My research on the active ingredient and found its design as a warming agent that prevents any side effects.

Better yet, I also noticed that it doesn’t cause skin irritation like other products made from Capsaicin.

The user testimonials I read also pointed towards this product working as intended with zero side effects.

That said, this is still a newly developed product with only a few thousand users.

Hence, I found other products which use Hotact® VBE. The reviews of these products also mentioned no defect in the performance of Hotact® VBE.

So, if you are concerned about any potential side effects, don’t worry as this is a side-effect-free product.

Has This Pain Cream Been Tested Properly?

Yes. I found out that the manufacturers have had third-party GC/MS testing done.

The GC/MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) test came up with a satisfactory purity level for the ingredients in the cream.

This test ensures that the product you are using has no diluents, contaminants, and synthetics.

They did Microbial testing too. This was to ensure that the cream was free from harmful microorganisms like mold and fungi.

How Much Does This Pain Relief Cream Cost?

First things first, this cream is only available on the Sera Labs website.

Three great deals for buying Seratopicin:

Note that only the single bottle comes with a $5.95 shipping and handling fee while the others have FREE shipping.

Are There Any Hidden Charges For This Product?

Some online products lure you in with freebies and massive discounts to trap you into a contract.

This contract is often difficult and expensive to exit, forcing people to cancel their credit cards at times.

But for this product, I found no such problems.

There are no hidden or reoccurring charges by the manufacturers. I also checked forums and found no one mention any such issues.

When you buy this product from the official site, you are only participating in a one-off transaction.

If you want to reorder the product, you have to visit the site and do the same process again.

Final Verdict For Seratopicin:

Sera Labs has produced an effective pain relief cream with this one. Thousands of US residents have experienced the benefit of fewer pains and aches with this cream.

Get Seratopicin if you frequently need pain relief but don’t want to use a product with artificial ingredients.

I found this cream to not do anything revolutionary regarding healing your pains.

However, it is much healthier and safer in the long-run.

So, if this product has got your interest, visit their official product site and make your purchase today.


Q: Is this product vegan-friendly?

A: Yes. I noticed that the website has mentioned this cream contains vegan ingredients.

Q: Does it contain any gluten-based ingredients?

A: No. The manufacturer’s site and the product box have clearly stated that this is a gluten-free product.

Q: If used daily, how long will one jar last me?

A: One month. I found each jar containing 30 ml of cream. With daily use, this should last you about a month.

Q: Will I experience any side effects if I use it frequently for a few months?

A: No. This product is designed for long-term use. So, you can use it on a daily basis for a few months without worrying about side effects. However, I recommend you talk to your doctor if your pain persists for an extended period.

Q: Can this help reduce arthritis pains?

A: Yes. It alleviates joint and muscle pains that are caused by arthritis. However, I recommend you talk to your doctor before switching pain ointments.

Q: How to use this pain management product?

A: Simple. Just apply a sufficient amount to the affected skin. Let the skin absorb it by gently massaging the area. Ensure to avoid cuts or open wounds.

Q: Does it work within minutes as it claims?

A: Yes. Many real users have attested to the fact that this cream works within just a few minutes of application.

Q: I am working on my feet 16 hours a day, will this help with my feet aching?

A: Yes. This is a situation that this product was designed for.

Q: Can I buy this on Amazon or GNC?

A: No. I checked with the manufacturers, and they have noted that they only sell Seratopicin on their website.


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