PhenQ Review – The Best Fat Burner Diet Pills

PhenQ Review – The Best Fat Burner Diet Pills

This PhenQ Review looks at this fat burning weight loss pills with its ingredients, benefits and other aspects.

We also have customer reviews who comment below the post. These comments come from real people who want to or have already tried these pills.

PhenQ is a weight loss product that claims to provide fast and safe weight loss for men and women.

The product boasts of the complex formula used to blend the ingredients for this dietary supplement. This is supposed to help weight loss from multiple angles.

Sounds Good! Is this True? Let’s Find Out!

One of the reasons why I find this product interesting is that most weight loss supplements target a specific factor which allows for their results. For some, this factor is appetite suppression, for other its thermogenesis, and for others, it’s stimulating the metabolic rate of the body.

PhenQ claims to target all these 3 factors which look impressive. There’s a lot more to look into.

The official website claims that you will be hard-pressed to find a product like PhenQ which incorporates the benefits of multiple weight loss supplements in just a single pill.

PhenQ Review

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight loss pill which claims to provide quite a few benefits.

These include increased fat burn, suppressed appetite, stopping fat production, increased energy levels, and elevated mood.

They all do claim lot of things. Don’t They?

According to the manufacturers, the ingredients in PhenQ make this a pharmaceutical-grade weight loss supplement. You can still them buy over the counter because these pills are made with all-natural ingredients.

From my experience, any pill that can do all this is either a ‘miracle pill’ that should be sold at $100 a pop. This sounds like an ‘overhyped pill’ that is not worth buying.

I have looked for these pills in local stores but noone has them. Seems like the best place to buy them is to buy online.

PhenQ Ingredients:

This is the most important section in this PhenQ review!

As a fitness freak and health conscious person, I always look at what the stuff contains. PhenQ is a weight loss product and we need to check out what is it made of.

Here is the list of PhenQ ingredients:

Capsimax® Powder

This powder contains Capsicum Extract, Niacin Powder, and Piperine Extract that are beneficial for weight loss in PhenQ. The primary ingredient in this blend is Capsicum extract which contains capsaicin that helps stimulate thermogenesis and improves the metabolic rate for faster calorie burn.

α-Lacys Reset®

Is designed to be the cornerstone of PhenQ and other weight loss pills. It is meant to help the user burn as much weight as possible, as quickly as possible. This formula contains cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid to help with boosting metabolism and losing weight. All this, while still doing so naturally and with safety in mind.

Chromium (from Chromium Picolinate)

This ingredient is used to help counter emotional eating issues as it suppresses the appetite while maintaining optimum levels of blood sugar levels. It is also responsible for providing steady levels of energy throughout the day, so we don’t experience an energy crash due to the reduced food intake.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is one of the most common stimulants we consume on a daily basis, mostly from coffee. It works to boost and maintain energy levels while enhancing focus and alertness. The ingredient also promotes fat burn via thermogenesis and improves the metabolic rate for faster weight loss.


This ingredient is extracted from a cactus and contains a lot of fiber. According to the information I found on this ingredient, it is used in PhenQ to promote satiety by allowing the user to feel full and have their appetite suppressed. Nopal is also an ingredient that helps eliminate water weight from the body.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

This component is a key ingredient in PhenQ as it helps to convert the stored fat into energy by metabolizing it. This provides the body with a steady flow of energy while also helping eliminate the fat this was stored within.

PhenQ Ingredients

One good thing that can be observed here is that the amount per servings is quite good.

It’s not like other weight loss supplements which have more fillers than the real ingredients that help weight loss.

Note – I tried to get a picture of the ingredients from the PhenQ bottle. Due to the round shape, I could not capture a clear image of everything.

The image above is exactly what can be seen on the bottle.

PhenQ Dosage:

Each bottle contains 60 tablets which are to be taken over a period of 30 days. The recommended daily dosage of these pills is to take one with breakfast and another with your lunch.

Unfortunately, if you are like me and are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulates, you should not take this pill before sleeping.

One night, I took these pills at 10 Pm and could not sleep till 1 AM. I think the caffeine content does it.

PhenQ Manufacturer Info:

244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

Customer Care Email:

All products are made in FDA approved facilities.

It’s very important to know about the reputation of the manufacturers. The above info is what I got and seems to be legit.

PhenQ Reviews And Testimonials:

OK! I can create my own website and say that I am awesome!

But, does it matter? What matters most is what people think about me.

Similarly, I used my ninja search skills to find out more about PhenQ.

This is what I found online:

Ghislain R had once reached 176 lbs. before he decided to improve his health and lose weight. After several weight loss pills and diets which failed, he turned to PhenQ. According to his testimonial, he noticed positive results in just 2 weeks while he lost a noticeable 11lbs in the first month. He says that he now has more energy and greater focus in his daily activities.

Valerie O suffered with getting tired quickly due to her being overweight to the point that she couldn’t even keep up with her two kids at the park. When she started using PhenQ for a month, she noticed a slight change in her weight with significant changes being visible in the next four months. After five months of use, she lost 20 lbs. and dropped two sizes.

April R had a lot of pregnancy weight that she was finding difficult to get rid of without using external aids like PhenQ. However, after using this weight loss pill, she claims to have lost 20 lbs. in just three months of use with some results being noticeable in the first week of use. She advises anyone who asks to not try fad diets as they hadn’t worked for her and to try weight loss pills that did.

PhenQ Benefits:

Every weight loss supplement or fat burner that I have seen till date contains either Garcinia Cambogia, Green coffee, Raspberry ketone, Coffee bean extract and other similar diet pill stimulants.

These are more of marketing gimmicks. In reality, very few products do the real job.

When you use the PhenQ Diet Pills, you will understand that this doesn’t cause any side effects.

Here are the key weight loss benefits that I was able to note with other users experienced when researching for this PhenQ review:

Enhanced Fat Burn

The primary goal of this supplement is to help you to lose weight by burning the excess belly fat stored in your gut by supercharging your thermogenic and metabolic rates without worrying about any side effects. This is a dietary supplement that works for overweight and obese people.

Stimulated Motivation & Mood

The reason you will be able to complete your weight loss with PhenQ successfully is that the increase in serotonin will help you stay motivated and improve your mood.

Prevent Fat Production

This supplement is designed to help prevent the production and storage of excess fat by converting the carbohydrates into energy.

Suppress Appetite

When you take this supplement, you can experience an increased control over your food urges and cravings by efficiently suppressing your appetite.

Increased Energy Levels

Because of the excess fat and carbs which are burnt, you receive an increase in natural energy levels which helps prevent dips in energy levels due to dieting.

Fast & Safe Weight Loss

The biggest advantage of PhenQ is that you can experience rapid weight loss which is side-effect free and 100% safe because of the proprietary formulas used.

PhenQ Side Effects:

The official site for PhenQ mentions that there zero side effects of using this weight loss pill.

Of course, if this were the case, I would be pleased with the product and order a bottle for each of my family members.

Unfortunately, some searching online led me to find a few rare side effects of similar products like PhenQ.

These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Hyperactivity

Most of the users who experienced these side effects were those who already were taking large amounts of stimulants like caffeine. Since PhenQ contains the same, I believe they may have experienced their caffeine levels rise high levels, leading to the side effects.

However, those of you who are on diabetes medication should also be aware that some ingredients like Chromium Picolinate can negatively affect blood glucose levels and diabetes meds.

While PhenQ diet pills work for everyone, the manufacturer’s website does caution against children under 18, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers from using PhenQ.

PhenQ Before and After Pics:

PhenQ pills seem to have good results for people. I did more research to check if there are people who have really used this product.

These are the pics that people shared online.

* For privacy reasons, the images are cropped 

PhenQ Review before & After

PhenQ Review before & After

PhenQ Review before & After

phenq review results

phenq reviews
What Is The Cost To Buy PhenQ?

Let’s take a look at the costs & deals that you can get with PhenQ:

Buy 145.9565.9569.9589.9594.95999.957.23
You Save8101020251009.96
Buy 2, Get 1 Free91.9129.95139.9179.9189.91,990.90114.45
You Save69.9597.999.95149.95199.951,308.8087.12
Buy 3, Get 2 Free & Free Advana Cleanse129.95174.95189.95245.95245.952,999.90174.95
You Save139.8204.8209.8303.8403.82,499.60204.8

If you found the table confusing, here is the simpler version:

If you are wondering, these prices are for those who want to purchase PhenQ from the official website. Alternatively, If you want to try Amazon, Walmart or eBay, a quick search on their sites will give you what you want.

However, I recommend against buying from these e-commerce sites as they don’t always have products that are genuine and authentic. These sites also can have different prices to the official site and may charge extra for shipping and handling.

The Conclusion Of This PhenQ Review:

This PhenQ review is written to help you better grasp the pros and cons of this weight loss pill without being manipulated into buying PhenQ.

If you found the information on this review useful, I will have had done my job correctly.

In the conclusion of my PhenQ review, I would like to point out the fact that the benefits claimed by the manufacturers are plenty.

The user testimonials I have read online have also provided a positive image of this weight loss supplement. However, paying USD 69.95 for a single bottle of PhenQ may be above the budget of most people. But again, in the health industry, you get what you pay for and I am highly impressed with these diet pills.

Looking at the overall ingredients, known side effects and customer reviews, we have rated PhenQ diet pills as the top weight loss supplement as of today!

Yes, this might change with so many products being launched frequently. As of now, spending 70 odd bucks for such a reputed brand is money well spent!

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Q. Is This PhenQ Review Written By PhenQ Employee?

A. No. This review not written by PhenQ employee. In fact, none of the reviewers on this website are employees of that particular brand.

Q. Is PhenQ Available At GNC?

A. No. This is not GNC product and is only available on the official website.

Q. Is PhenQ Available On Amazon, eBay or Walmart?

A. I was looking for PhenQ Amazon reviews but could not find any. This is because PhenQ is available only through the official website.

Q. Are There Any PhenQ Coupons or Discount Codes?

A. Yes and No. The makers might have various coupon codes and discounts during promotions. Your best bet is to visit the official website.

Q. Is PhenQ Safe?

A. Yes, the ingredients are natural and hence safe to consume.

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PhenQ Weight Loss

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