Penis Enlargement Devices – Do These Extenders Work?

Penis Enlargement Devices is one of the new tools and techniques that has been adopted by many who want a bigger penis.

But do these devices really work?

If yes, how do they work?

Is there any backing to claims?

Let’s find out.

Penis Size Matters – This is what multiple studies have concluded after surveying a diverse population of women on their thoughts on penis size and how it affects their sexual experiences.

The size of the male member has been one of the most common sources of anxiety for men of all ages as, according to conventional judgment, penis length and girth cannot be changed. Well, I am here to tell you that you can experience an increase in penis size with the penis enlargement remedy you choose in this article.

Our recommended method of increasing penis size is to use one of the medical-grade Penis Enlargement Devices.

Penis Enlargement Devices

The porn industry is also a reason the conceptions of penis size have changed as most male adult stars can be seen wielding large members for the obvious satisfaction of their female partners.

To find out if these guys really had such massive members, I did the research and found the penis enlargement remedy these male porn stars use to get such a big penis.

The Problem Of Having A Small Penis:

Unlike what most of us were told, having a small penis (under 4 inches when erect) does not mean you can’t have sex. Even having a micropenis can allow you to have sexual intercourse. However, the amount of pleasure and stimulation you and your partner experience is a different story.

While having a small penis can enable someone to have sex, the sex is often considered to be insufficiently stimulating for the woman and can lead to a partner who is sexually unsatisfied. Other than this, the mental stress men experience with a small penis can cause psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence. This is because penis size is one of the ways men preserve male virility and manhood.

While some women say that penis size doesn’t make a significant impact to their experiencing sexual pleasure and satisfaction in bed, most women prefer men with bigger penises.

What Is The Best Penis Enlargement Remedy To Increase Penis Size?

When I investigated to find the most popular methods of increasing penis size, I found Male Enhancement Pills, Penile Surgery And Penis Enlargement Devices to be the best solutions to a small penis.

Male Enhancement Pills:

Penis Enlargment

Natural male enhancement supplements are often available to be purchased online without requiring a doctor’s prescription.

  • The way these pills work is by boosting the natural levels of testosterone and nitric oxide. As these elements increase in concentration in the body, you can experience an increase in blood flow and sexual performance, leading to harder and longer lasting erections.
  • These male enhancement pills are ideal for someone who wants to increase sexual stamina, endurance and erection quality. The pills can also counter sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • While some of these pills do claim to increase penis size, you are required to continue taking the product to see long-term results.
While each pill may be inexpensive, taking them over weeks and months can end up costing you in the high hundreds. 

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Penis Enlargement Surgery:

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgeries are credited to be a permanent way to increase penis size amount the options I found. There are two major types of penis enlargement surgery which work on improving the length of the penis and increasing the girth of the penis. However, there are severe downsides in using surgery to increase penis size.

  • The first downside is that it is an invasive method that will require the surgeon cutting into the base of the penis which is an extreme measure to get a bigger penis for most men.
  • For the penis length increasing surgery, the doctors have to cut the ligament that connects the pelvic bone to the penis, allowing more of the penis to be visible from the pelvic bone. This method doesn’t actually increase the length, just increases the amount of penis that you can see. Unfortunately, for most men, this increase in between 0.5 to 1 inch, not a big gain, considering the other factors.
  • For the penis girth increasing surgery, the doctors insert a tissue, silicone or fat graft around the shaft to thicken and widen the penis. This can feel uncomfortable or unnatural for some men as there is a foreign object inside the penis. Also, some men have also complained of a reduction in sensation and feel after this procedure.
  • While most men who have tried penis enlargement surgery have only come back with an increase of an average 0.5 inches, some 5% have claimed to experience a reduction in size with the surgery giving them a smaller penis then which they came with.
  • The expensive price tag for getting penis enlargement surgery is a strong deterrent for most men. It can cost few thousand dollars for some surgeries.
  • Side effects of penile surgery include nerve damage, difficulty getting erections, infection, scarring, reducing in penis length, bumpy or uneven penis. These dangers can have severe implications for the user including long-term mental health problems like depression and lack of self-confidence.
There is a significant lack of clinical results that can validate this method when compared to male enhancement pills and penis enlargement devices. This lack of scientific research and results have cause most doctors to suggest penis surgery only in the direst of circumstances. 

Penis Enlargement Devices:


Penis Enlargement devices, also known as penile traction devices have been a big hit with the male enhancement community online as it works on a few simple but proven theories.

  • These penis extenders only need to be purchased once as they are adjustable with the growth in penis size.
  • Most quality devices are made with medical-grade materials are have been approved for use by urologists.
  • According to most people who have tried penis extenders, these devices provide permanent results without requiring invasive surgery or taking pills on a strict schedule.
  • These devices work by using traction force to gently stretch the penis shaft so that the cell division and multiplication in the penis is increased, helping lengthen the penis.
  • They are also shown to help correct the curvature for some men with a curved penis (Peyronie’s disease).
  • Most devices are easy to conceal under loose pants and are designed to be used over a period of time for a few hours every day. However, overstretching the penis can cause more harm than good.
  • One negative about penis extenders is that they don’t provide instant results. The benefits of penis extenders are only observed after a few months of use.
  • Side effects are non-existent with this method when used with the guidelines given by the manufacturers.
Quality penis enlargement devices are made to be easy to use and comfortable for extended use. While these are a slightly bigger investment than a bottle of male enhancement pills or a cheaper traction device, it is crucial to get only quality devices for the users’ safety and long-term results. 

Best Penis Enlargement Devices On The Market

Unfortunately, there are not many players in this market. After thorough research and investigation, we could find two penile traction devices that are popular in the market due to its customer reviews & testimonials.

Each of this devices is reviewed in detail on this website.

1. SizeGenetics is undoubtedly the best penis enlargement device out there. This penile traction device is backed by scientific research, reputed makers, and real customer reviews. The best thing about SizeGenetics that it is affordable as compared to other similar products out there. Although bit cheaper, this product gets high points because of its overall results.

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2. Jes Extender is a quality traction device that is said to increase length and girth by an average of 24% and 19% respectively. If you really don’t mind spending some money to get real results then Jes Extender can be a good choice.

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For someone who has problems like less stamina, no erections and/or premature ejaculations, then male enhancement or testosterone boosters can be of more help. These pills can help you last longer in bed but won’t necessarily increase the size of your penis.

If you are looking to seriously increase the size of your penis, then a penis enlargement device is something that you should look into.


Mikael is a health nutrition expert and loves mountain biking. Mikael started his health product research journey about 6 years ago and still loves doing it. Apart from spending time on his study, research & literature, he plays basketball regularly and is a fitness freak.

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