Lupus – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Cure

October 1, 2017 Michelle

Lupus is a disease that causes chronic inflammation of different body parts which includes the skin, kidneys, brain, lungs, heart, joints and blood cells. This chronic inflammatory disease is caused when the body’s immune system attacks the organs and tissue. No two people can have […]

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

September 30, 2017 Michelle

Have you ever wanted to be like those men and women on TV who smile confidently with a perfect set of shiny white teeth? Well, if the answer is yes that we are here to tell you that whitening your teeth is easily doable. And no, […]

How To Perform A Breast Cancer Self Examination

September 29, 2017 Michelle

Breast cancer is something most women start to think about as they get into their 30s and 40s. It is a disease where malignant cancer cells start to form and spread in the breast tissue. The National Breast Cancer Foundation notes that every year, over 252,710 women in the […]

How Much Sleep Does A Human Body Require?

September 27, 2017 Jessica J

Sleep is an important indicator to the human body with regards to the overall health and well-being. One-third of your life is spent sleeping and therefore, the overall state of your ‘sleep health’ remains as a vital question through your lifespan. Most of you are […]

Detoxing – Importance & How It Can Be Done At Home

September 26, 2017 Michelle

Everyone has heard of the new trend that has been circulating the internet blogs and discussions called Detoxing. This ancient practice is said to cleanse and nourish the body and help ease the mind from the clutter of everyday life. Many ancient medical systems like […]

Early Signs Of A Heart Attack

September 26, 2017 Mikael

You are bound to know someone who has suffered a heart attack because, in the US, around 735,000 men and women have heart attacks every year. The heart attack, also known as myocardial infarction is one of the leading causes of death in Americans today […]

8 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Garcinia Cambogia

September 25, 2017 Michelle

We have all heard of Garcinia Cambogia on national TV and from other as described as the ‘miracle weight loss fruit’ due to its effects on weight loss and fat burn. If you do a little research online, you are bound to find many websites dedicated to the fruit and […]

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