L-Glutamine Powder – The Best You Can Buy Online

L-Glutamine Powder – The Best You Can Buy Online

L-Glutamine Powder is a favorite bodybuilding supplement for many of the guys that go to my local gym. When I asked about this powder and why they take this stuff, I was told that it allows the body to recover from intense workouts more effectively while helping with weight loss and muscle gain.

After the third person provided me with a similar answer, I began to ask myself if I should make the switch to L-Glutamine myself.

So, decided to take a look at this supplement and write this L-Glutamine Powder review to summarize my research. I have also included my thoughts on the best L-Glutamine supplement I found online for anyone interested.

L-Glutamine Powder

What Is L-Glutamine And What Does It Do?

L-Glutamine (C5H10N2O3) is the most commonly available form of Glutamine in the market.

Glutamine is found in the blood and is the most abundant amino acid that makes up around 60% of the amino acids in the body.

L-Glutamine is considered to be a conditionally essential amino acid as the body can produce it, but this production rate is not sufficient in some conditions (like if you were sick or were performing intense exercises).

If you are wondering, the difference between D-Glutamine (also available online) and L-Glutamine is only in their chemical structure as the way they work, and the benefits of either amino acid are the same.

L-Glutamine is made mostly in the skeletal muscles from glutamic acid and the amino acid glutamate. The body produces this amino acid depending on how much glutamine is required in the blood to maintain a healthy level.

When we workout or exercise, Glutamine levels in the muscles are depleted, resulting in an adverse effect on the workout performance.

The reason many bodybuilders favor L-Glutamine is that it’s a great way to stimulate protein synthesis and promote muscle growth. Glutamine is also known to have anabolic effects including increasing muscle cell expansion (muscle cell volumisation) and increasing the number of muscle cells (muscle hypertrophy).

Is Glutamine Good For You?

Yes, definitely. My research into this amino acid led me to find a number of benefits of using this supplement including its effective counters for IBS, leaky gut syndrome and improving muscle growth while helping with fat burn. 

Nowadays, there are L-Glutamine Powder designs for health boost as well as for the traditional bodybuilding benefits. Medical experts have also said that taking L-Glutamine supplements can help reduce the time required for recovery post-surgery[1].

L-Glutamine Powder Helps Against IBS

L-Glutamine Powder Benefits

Now that we have taken a look at what L-Glutamine is and why it’s good for us, let’s take an in-depth look at the main benefits of this supplement and why thousands of men and women take it every day.

These benefits have been clinically evaluated, and most quality L-Glutamine Powder should be able to provide you with these benefits, should you chose to buy them.

Also, remember that you may not notice all the benefits at once or with the same intensity as someone else that takes the same supplement with the same dosage as everyone’s body chemistry is unique and interacts with L-Glutamine differently. 

But what I can say is that when taken with the recommended dosage, a quality product should not cause you to experience any negative side effects.

L-Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut

This supplement is a very popular product to help prevent and repair leaky gut.

The main reasons many people experience intestinal permeability (leaky gut) include chemotherapy, radiation exposure, and stress. Another related benefit is that the amino acid helps preserve intestinal villi in number and height.

Studies [2] have also shown L-Glutamine Powder supplements to reducing the incidences of leaky gut when taken before being exposed to radiation.

L-Glutamine Boosts Immune System

One study[3] on 30 SIRS patients found that this supplement reduced the inflammation and helped boost recovery by increasing B and T lymphocytes levels.

L-Glutamine supplementation has also shown to reduce chances of infection during bone marrow transplantations, according to a 45 patient study[4].

An increase in T lymphocytes has also been cited as improve the defense from bacterial invasion in a study of 22 patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

L-Glutamine Promotes Smoother Gut Flow

In cases of men and women who have had Bariatric Surgery by removing a part of their stomachs, L-Glutamine has shown to improve the gut flow to the small intestines.

One study found that taking just 3 grams per day for 12 days showed an improvement in gut flow.

L- Glutamine Helps Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

When chemoradiotherapy is conducted on the head and neck, patients are known to experience severe discomfort and pain caused by the inflammation of the mucous membranes (mucositis[7]). This pain and the mucositis behind it have shown to decline[8] with the use of L- Glutamine Supplements.

However, it’s known that L- Glutamine can accelerate cancer cell growth and may not be ideal for cancer patients. To clarify this point, this benefit is for aiding in the reduction of pain caused because of the side effects caused by cancer treatment, not cancer itself.

L-Glutamine Improves Digestive System Health

This amino acid is a known source of fuel for the production and growth of the cells in the gut and small intestines.

It works to improve this cell production, allowing for the nutrients to be better absorbed and transported to the blood and muscles, improving overall health along the way.

L-Glutamine Improves Recovery Speed After Surgery

It is well known that doctors prescribe L-Glutamine Powder or similar supplements to patients who have just gone through surgery as this supplement helps improve recovery speed.

This is because the surgery can deplete the levels of glutamine, slowing wound healing and reducing protein synthesis.

Taking these supplements have also shown to reduce hospital stay post-surgery, according to my research.

L-Glutamine Improves Wound Healing Capabilities

This amino acid is essential for improving cell production and growth which is helpful for wound healing. It’s known that when your body experiences an injury, the cells surrounding the injury use the amino acid to create new cells to repair the damage.

So, this supplement should allow for the wound healing to progress faster. One study [5] showed a 50% reduction in Glutamine levels after just five days after the injury.

L-Glutamine Powder Helps Improve Wound Healing

L-Glutamine Powder Prevents Decline In BCAA Levels

BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) are known to stimulate and support protein synthesis in the body, but a decline in Glutamine acid [6levels can affect the production of proteins for the body, reducing muscle growth.

Taking L-Glutamine helps prevent the decline in BCAA levels, even under intense training.

Restores L-Glutamine Levels After Intense Exercise

It is known that when you work out for a long period and while pushing your body to the limit, the Glutamine levels in the body drop.

If a user experiences perpetual fatigue[9], the body can devolve the muscle mass for the energy it requires to function. This can be avoided by taking 5 grams of L-Glutamine Powder a day, which helps stabilize the levels of Glutamine in the muscles.

L-Glutamine Supports Nitrogen Levels In The Body

The nitrogen in the body is essential for maintaining healthy immunity and health, but radiation, chemotherapy, surgery or infections can reduce the amount of nitrogen in the body.

L-Glutamine can help increase these levels to safe levels, protecting the health of the user.

L-Glutamine Helps Maximize Training Time

The fastest way to get ripped is to reduce the amount of time required to recover from intense workouts.

So, taking L-Glutamine allows men and women to reduce the amount of muscle fatigue they have to endure while improving the muscle building process with the increase in energy and muscle cell synthesis.

How To Take L-Glutamine Powder?

If you were wondering ‘How many grams of L-Glutamine should I take a day?’ I have the right answer for you. Its 5-10 grams a day.

Some experts suggest taking L-Glutamine Powder thrice a day in equal amounts while others suggest taking half before and half after your workout.

However, my research found that to best absorb this amino acid and see the best gains in workout results as well as the other benefits, its best to take the full dosage post-workout.

How many grams of L-glutamine should I take a day?

Also, you don’t have to worry about taking too much of the supplement either as most of the time, all that would happen is your body will eject the excess L-Glutamine from the body.

People who have a few medical conditions like liver disease and kidney problems should talk to their doctor before starting to take L-Glutamine One more thing to take note of is that L-Glutamine you buy online may be made from organic sources and is often found to be acceptable for vegetarians.

I have found many people saying that if you are currently doing a rigorous workout schedule where you are pushing your limit, it should be alright if you want to take more than the recommended 5 grams a day as this should help replenish your Glutamine levels without causing any waste.

Does Glutamine Help You Lose Or Gain Weight?

L-Glutamine is a great choice for those who want to lose weight as it helps suppress your food cravings while promoting energy production and boosting metabolism.

The amino acid also prevents muscle mass deterioration, allowing the user to work out with greater intensity without worrying about muscle mass loss.

For the men and women who are overweight, L-Glutamine is even more important because their bodies need a lot more of this amino acid as L-Glutamine deficiency can cause muscle breakdown which can cause the user harm as well as increase the body weight due to the reduced metabolism.

I have been told that using L-Glutamine Powder with a healthy diet can do wonders for weight loss and bodybuilding. I also found a study[10] that found that taking L-Glutamine helped the subjects of the study lose body fat, even while being on a high-fat diet.

L-Glutamine Side Effects

According to WebMD, L-Glutamine Powder is possibly safe for most adults with a maximum dose of 40 grams a day which is well above the recommended dosage mentioned before.

L-Glutamine may cause some drug interactions, according to my sources. These medications that may interact with this amino acid include some Chemotherapy drugs, Anticonvulsants, and Lactulose.

If you are taking any of the mentioned medications, talk to your doctor before starting any L-Glutamine Powder Supplement.

On a side note, from my research into the best L-Glutamine Powders available online, I found little indication that quality L-Glutamine supplements have been the cause of any side effects.

What Foods Are High In Glutamine?

If you are looking for L-Glutamine Powder in whole foods, there are quite a few options. While the concentration of L-Glutamine in these foods is not as high as in L-Glutamine Powder, there should still be preferred as they are the natural and healthy way of getting L-Glutamine.

Foods Are High In L-Glutamine

The foods that contain L-Glutamine include Asparagus, Nuts, Parsley, Red cabbage, Celery, Beef, Wheat, Bean, Papaya, Carrots, Milk, Shrimp, Beets, Ricotta cheese, Legumes, Fish, Bone broth, Spinach, Eggs, Chicken, Crab, Kale, Brussel sprouts, Yogurt, and Vegetable juices.

Should You Take L-Glutamine With Or Without Food?

Most dietary supplements aimed towards those who exercise state that it’s best to take the supplements on an empty stomach while there are supplements that actually work better when taken with a meal.

In the case of L-Glutamine, I found out that those who want the bodybuilding benefits that include muscle gain, fat loss and increased energy, its best to take your L-Glutamine with some food.

However, in case you want to take the supplement for its nonprotein functions, it might be a better ideal to take the powdered drink apart from your scheduled meals.

L-Glutamine Powder Or Capsules

When comparing powder and capsules, you should know that the formula used is almost always the same. So, you are getting the same product, just in two different forms.

If you are trying to decide on whether to buy L-Glutamine Powder or capsules, you should consider these simple criteria:

  • The Ease Of Use: When taking capsules, most people find the pills inconvenient to carry around and disruptive of their daily schedules when taking them. However, the powder can be added to the sports drink, juice or even water, smoothly integrating it into the daily routine and not needing to be carried around everywhere.
  • The Absorbability: The reason powdered supplements are very popular is that the body more effectively absorbs them and compared to pills, they are easier to digest. While the body may need to break down the capsule coating to get to the inside, the powdered supplement can easily be digested and transported to the intestines as soon as it gets to the stomach.
  • The Price: While both powder and capsules contain the same thing, capsules are usually a lot more expensive as they require the manufacturer to spend more money in compressing the powder in a capsule form. According to the forums I took a look at, most people prefer using powdered L-Glutamine.
  • The Personal Preference: This is often the tipping point for most decisions regarding L-Glutamine supplements as it’s up to you and what you think is more convenient to use on a daily basis. There are those who find their drinks being too thick when using the powder and there are those who don’t like taking 4-6 pills every day. In the end, it’s your personal choice on whether you buy L-Glutamine Powder or capsules.

My Recommendation On Buying L-Glutamine Powder

In my research into L-Glutamine supplements, I have come across quite a few pills and powders which contain organic L-Glutamine.

This research ended up verifying the fact that it’s much cheaper buying such dietary supplements online instead of at the store.

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder

After searching to Amazon, Walmart, and other websites, I found that Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder from Bauer Nutrition to be one of the best L-Glutamine powders in today’s market.

My analysis of this supplement found that its price is affordable and the amount of the amino acid that we get is also sufficient.

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder provides the benefits of L-Glutamine while not containing any harmful additives, fillers or binders.

What’s Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder Cost?

At the time of writing this article, I found that if you order Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder from the Bauer Nutrition website, you can expect to pay the following price for this supplement:

Note that I tried finding this product on Amazon, GNC, and Walmart but only managed to find it on its official site.


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Mikael is a health nutrition expert and loves mountain biking. Mikael started his health product research journey about 6 years ago and still loves doing it. Apart from spending time on his study, research & literature, he plays basketball regularly and is a fitness freak.

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