Kou Tea

You would think that drinking tea is no way to lose weight, right? But this can be true for some types of teas that are known to boost metabolism and supercharge your fat burn. These types of tea include White, Green, Oolong, and Pu-erh Tea. Unfortunately, if you want to use these teas individually to lose weight, you will have to spend most of the day drinking tea without doing anything else. This is why Kou Tea was designed which blends the four potent slimming teas in one tea bag that is your key to burn fat and lose weight.

Kou Tea

What Is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is a new tea that is gaining popularity due to its drinkers experiencing fast and effective weight loss. This weight loss tea can be enjoyed once a day to give you the blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial components that help accelerate metabolism and increase fat burn. While green tea has been around for a while with the public being aware of its benefits, the other teas are less known and just as effective. With Kou Tea, you are getting a potent fat loss product that doesn’t require you to take foul tasting and smelling pills, and it also gives additional benefits to your weight loss.

What Are The Ingredients In This Weight Loss Tea?

Four herbal teas that are blended to make Kou Tea which helps men and women lose weight quickly and easily.

The four teas that make up the list of ingredients in Kou Tea include:

  • Green Tea: Is one of the most popular teas in the world and is well-documented to help men and women lose weight and improve their overall health. This contains antioxidants that combat free radicals while boosting metabolism using the small amounts of natural caffeine that it provides.
  • White Tea: Is a tea that is high in antioxidants that help combat free radicals, giving you better skin care. This tea also helps get rid of toxins in the body for improved weight loss and wellbeing. It also contains natural caffeine that is known to accelerate your metabolism and speed up your fat burn.
  • Pu-erh Tea: Is a popular Chinese tea that has many benefits including its detoxifying ability. It also helps digestion and weight loss by improving your immune system and blood circulation throughout the body. This tea also helps reduce stress and can help improve the overall health of the user.
  • Oolong Tea: Is known for its weight loss benefits which are possible as this tea helps improve your digestion and nutrient absorption. It also helps improve weight management by lower cholesterol and improve mood and mental functions. You can even get a stronger immune system with this tea.

Kou Tea Ingredients

Note that while the official website mentions that you don’t have to change your lifestyle and food habits to lose weight with this tea, improving your diet and exercise routine will definitely help give you better results with Kou Tea Slimming Tea.

This unique tea provides many health benefits other than the weight loss you seek.

What Are The Benefits Of This Tea?

The list of benefits for Kou Tea:

  • Boost In Metabolism: This tea contains ingredients that work to stimulate the natural metabolic rate of the body.
  • Combats Free Radical Damage: The antioxidants in this tea help protect your body from free radicals which can weaken the body and slow weight loss.
  • Enhanced Weight Loss: The four potent teas can help you lose weight with visible results.
  • Combats Eating Urges: The components help boost mental energy and serotonin, reducing your eating urges.
  • Increases Energy Levels: The tea can use active ingredients to help revitalize the body and increase energy levels.

Who Makes Kou Tea?

According to the official website, it seems that Kou Tea is marketed by Barri Alternative Products which has a Los Angeles address.

To contact Kou Tea’s manufacturers directly, you can visit the official website or follow the given details:

  • Customer Service Address:1944 Glendon Ave, #204 Los Angeles CA 90025
  • Return Address: KouTeaFulfillment, USA Distribution Center located at 3636 N. Buckner BLVD, Dallas, Texas, USA 75228
  • Customer Service Email:support@koutea.com
  • Customer Service Phone (Toll-Free) US:1-855-281-8099
  • Customer Service Phone International: 1-214-446-0158

Are There Any Side Effects Of This Weight Loss Tea?

Kou Tea is an herbal tea that helps you lose weight using 100% organic ingredients. This means that you shouldn’t expect any side effects or adverse reactions to drinking this tea. When user reviews and testimonials are read on the official website and other parts of the internet, it can be seen that Kou Tea causes its drinkers no side effects.

If you are someone who has tried this tea and have experienced any side effects, we recommend you stop drinking the tea and visit your local doctor.

Who Can Enjoy The Benefits Of This Tea?

Drinking this tea is for almost everyone as men and women over the age of 18 can enjoy it. The promise of fat burn for adults has helped thousands of men and women in enjoying the weight loss benefits of Kou Tea. For those who have severe illnesses or are on prescription medications, the official website recommends you to talk to your doctor before starting to drink this tea.

Why Should You Drink This Tea Instead Of Taking Pills For Weight Loss?

Many people might suggest you try weight loss pills that are prescribed by a doctor instead of Kou Tea but this would not be the best choice for many people. The advantage of this tea is that you can lose weight without having to change your diet and exercise routine while other fat burning products require intense exercise and harsh control of your diet to show results.

How Much Does This Slimming Tea Cost?

If you are interested in getting Kou Tea, you can do so via the official website for the following offers:

Kou Tea Offers
Kou TeaCostCost Per Day
Buy 1 Box34.951.17
Buy 2 Boxes69.271.15
Buy 3 & Get 1 Free (Best Value)104.850.87
There is also a free 15 Day Kou Tea diet plan that can help get the most out of Kou Tea that can help you get in shape in just 15 days.

Kou Tea Offer

Note that these offers are only available online from the official website and other websites like Amazon and eBay that sell this product may be selling fake or counterfeit goods.

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