Know What Shape Your Face Is

There are certain hairstyles, makeup and glasses you carry which are responsible to change the proportions of your face. But it is also difficult to deliberately plan this effect if you are unaware of the shape your face possesses. Therefore, to know the face shape you need to learn to examine the outline of your face or end up taking precise measurements of your cheek width, jaw line, forehead and face length that determine the proportions. Once your measurements are in place, you can compare your finding with the basic face shapes and categories which are: square, round, diamond, oblong, heart, and oval.

Know Your Face Shape

The following are the steps to identify your face shape:

  1. In Front Of The Mirror: There is no specific type of a mirror that is required, any large mirror shall do. The only criteria should be that you should be able to easily reach it from a standing position. You will need to draw on it without leaning forward. Stand straight and look into the mirror. With your head high and shoulder back and just in case you have bangs, pull them out of the way. You need to ensure that the lighting is over your head and not directional. The lighting can affect the shape that you draw.
  2. Trace The Outline Of Your Face: By making use of a lipstick or a bar soap or even a chalk, you need to carefully trace the outline of your face in the mirror. Begin from the bottom of your chin and proceed to the edge of your face. You need to pass one side of your cheek bones and follow the curve of your hairline. Then, slowly move to the other side of your face and end it back to the chin. You need to keep your body as still as possible. You do not need to include the edges of your face.
  3. Learn To Judge Your Facial Outline: Look at the trace of the shape that you made. Find the area where it is the widest or is it tallest or short or identifies the shape of your jaw and forehead.

Face Shapes

Based on these findings your face should fit in the following categories:

Oblong: this should resemble a tall rectangle having rounded corners. These faces also have broad and even foreheads.

Round: This should be circular in shape with wide cheekbones and a tapering jaw.

Square: The outline of your face, in this case, should be wide at all points with a broad forehead.

Oval: The forehead, in this case, should be a little broad with narrow cheekbones and a tapering jaw line.

Heart Shaped: Broad fore head and strong cheekbones characterize this is the heart shaped face. These have small chins too.

Triangular: In this case, the outline features as a broad jaw but a small forehead.

Diamond: This differs from a round or an oval face. In diamond shaped face, the cheekbones are significantly wider than the chin and the forehead.

Now that you know the shape of your face, you may choose your hairstyles, eyebrows & accessories to match it up.


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