Importance Of Nitric Oxide In BodyBuilding

Importance Of Nitric Oxide in BodyBuildingFatigue is one of the main reason why lots of men are unable to perform during workouts.

Working hard in the gym, taking your pre and post work out shakes along with proper rest can lead to a good body development.

But is there anything more you can do to get that extra effort?

Something known as Nitric Oxide can definitely work for you in a positive manner.

So what is Nitric Oxide and how does it help in achieving better bodybuilding results?

Let’s find out more below.

What Is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide (also known as NO2) is a gas formed in the body by amino acids.

It is a natural vasodilator which helps in relaxing the blood vessels.

BodyBuilding supplements that contain L-arginine help in increasing the nitric oxide levels in the blood which helps in having multiple benefits.

How Does Nitric Oxide Help?

Nitric Oxide has multiple benefits on the body, especially for bodybuilders.

Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits.

1. Faster Recovery:

Difference between two bodybuilders can really depend on the manner their body recovers after and during a workout.

A person with a faster recovery rate also feels less tired.

Faster recovery means the person can perform with a relaxed body the next day.

For a speedy recovery, it is important that the blood carries the nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body.

Nitric Oxide supplements help to support the amount of blood flow to the tissues. It does this by encouraging the smooth muscles in the body to relax.

Therefore, it allows more oxygen delivery to get to the working muscles.

Fast recovery allows you to perform more frequent weight training workouts which will automatically give you better results.

Working out without full recovery can seriously damage the body tissues.

This is a primary reason why a lot of bodybuilders and weightlifters face body injuries.

Nitric Oxide For BodyBuilding

2. Reduction In Built-up Of Lactic Acid:

One of the main reason why a lot of bodybuilders fail to perform is fatigue.

As you workout, your body muscles fall short of oxygen. As your body starts to run out oxygen, lactic acid starts building up in the muscle tissues.

This results in muscle pain and fatigue. Heavy built-up of lactic acid can raise fatigue levels and burning sensation in the muscles.

This will result in lesser reps while workout and can hamper your bodybuilding efforts.

Proper flow of oxygen with the blood will result in less or no built-up of lactic acid causing no muscle pains and fatigue.

Hence, the main motive should be to provide as much oxygen as possible to the muscles.

Increase in NO2 levels inside your body can help you to ensure that the proper amount of oxygen is reached to every muscle of the body.

3. Enhanced Endurance:

It would not to be true to say that Nitric Oxide helps bodybuilders only.

Nitric Oxide can bring immense benefits to athletes too.

Endurance performance mainly depends on the amount of oxygen that reaches the muscle tissues.

Also, the amount of oxygen flowing in the body can dramatically affect endurance performance.

Nitric Oxide can help athletes who fall short of oxygen while performing.

Reduction in ability to intake oxygen can make you feel tired due to which the performance is highly affected.

If you want to improve your endurance performance, then increase the levels of NO2 can help.

4. Increased Energy:

It is very important for the body to maintain the right body temperature.

Exercise can lead to an increase in body temperature. Over-heating of muscle tissues means loss of energy.

Proper flow of oxygen by increasing NO2 levels can help in maintaining the body temperature.

If your body temperature is maintained during workouts and other exercise then the body will waste less energy.

This means that you will have more energy deposits which your body will use to perform better.

Nitric Oxide Supplements For BodyBuilding

5. Nitric Oxide And Heart Disease:

Nitric oxide has been used for many years as a preventive measure for those at high risk for heart disease.

By improving blood flow and keeping the blood vessels wide enough to evade plaque build-up, NO2 can lessen an individual’s overall risk for certain cardiovascular diseases.

By using these Nitric Oxide supplements, it is possible to improve production in muscles.

The exercising muscle will get enriched with enhanced blood flow.

The supply of oxygen and nutrients will boost and the muscle will grow strong.

L-arginine is the most important element in nitric oxide supplements.

L-arginine is an amino acid found in proteins of all types, from the meat you eat to nuts and various dairy products.

Your body also creates it naturally. Depending on your particular state of health, you may not be generating enough for your body to realize a health benefit from it.

This is why a lot of bodybuilders take L-arginine supplements to get the maximum benefits.

Overall, increasing nitric oxide production with supplements is an effective way to assist in your workout routine.

Both bodybuilding and normal sport or leisure activities can benefit from NO.

Benefits of Increasing Nitric Oxide in the body. Dr Ignarro



Mikael is a health nutrition expert and loves mountain biking. Mikael started his health product research journey about 6 years ago and still loves doing it. Apart from spending time on his study, research & literature, he plays basketball regularly and is a fitness freak.

Comments to Importance Of Nitric Oxide In BodyBuilding

  1. Nothing can deny the importance of nitric oxide and i can say this with my 9 years of expeirence as an ameteur bodybuilder. Risk free trial sounds good too.

  2. The best way to build up Nitric Oxide in the body is by taking supplements. I have given up pre and post work out powders since I have started using NO supplements. It does work wonders and the reason why it does i beautifully explained by you.

  3. I’am in my fifties and I am more into endurance. I purchased ordered NO2 to help with my blood pressure. I’m not on medication, but my BP has been keeping up despite my workouts.

    As a baseline, my BP readings regardless of the time of day was about 140/105, give or take 5 points. After about a week on NO2, my readings dropped significantly down, to ridiculous levels that I haven’t seen in a long time, like 118/85.

    I’m on my second bottle now, and I take it regularly. My BP has crept up into something still very respectable: 120/90.

    I’ll continue to take NO2, and I even put in a subscription order.


  4. Had them for 3 days. No change in workout or stamina. I’ve always had veins showing up in my arms, so no change due to NO supplements. I’ll try them again after a few days to make sure it’s any good. If not, I’m returning it. Honestly I’ve been disappointed. Maybe it’s not as good a product.

  5. Exactly 2 days ago people were talking in the gym about NO supplements and here I find some proof to back what the were talking about. I have always had stomach cramps while taking protein shakes. This is highly recommended nowadays for people who want high endurance and are serious about their body.

  6. I am a personal coach at a local gym and one of my client sent me this page. I did not believe this article first and spoke to my dietitian and doctor. They said I can try this as it has no side effects and can be safer than protein shakes and other pre or post workout products (some of them cause heavy liver damage). I don’t workout daily and have been taking nitric oxide supplement since 2 weeks now. No crash post work outs and it relaxes the muscles very fast. I think this is the next big thing after protein shakes and I will recommend it to others. The free trial is a safer option and can be re-ordered which is a good thing.

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