How To Grow Taller – Facts & Options To Increase Your Height

How To Grow Taller – Facts & Options To Increase Your Height

Being tall has always been considered a positive attribute that many of us have failed to acquire. The advantages of being tall are numerous, including having a better first impression, attractiveness to the opposite sex, and commanding more respect. The question is how to grow taller? Can adults really grow taller?

Until now, we have been led to believe that it is not possible for adults to grow taller, but advancements in science have helped devise a few solutions for adults who want to gain height after puberty.

How To Grow Taller

Many men and women are interested in getting taller and impressing their peers, but there is a limited amount of information on height growth. This is why this article will detail on the science behind height growth and on the different methods on how to grow taller.

The Science Behind Growing Taller:

We usually don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to grow taller but we take it for granted that we stop growing sometime after puberty. According to my research into height growth for adults, I found out crucial information on how children grow taller.

From the moment we are born, we go through a number of growth spurts which usually stop around the ages of 18 and 20 for females and males respectively. The way our bodies grow taller is by adding growth plates to the ends of the bones, making them bigger. Growth plates, also known as Epiphyseal plates, stay open throughout the natural growth period, eventually closing at the end of the growth period. When the growth plates close, the bones ossify, and this is where it’s believed that we stop growing taller.

Of course, there are some people who have medical conditions like Acromegaly that can cause their height to continue growing well into their twenties. Similarly, some people have medical issues which limit the HGH produced in the body as children, limiting their height. Note that the only way to know if your growth plates are open is by asking the radiologist to perform an X-ray.

Can Human Growth Hormone Injections Help Increase Height?

The human growth hormone is one of the few hormones that we have in abundance as we are growing up but starts to decline as we reach puberty. This is the hormone that is responsible for increasing height and helping us grow tall. So, it’s easy to understand that if we inject additional HGH into our body, we may be able to experience a post-puberty growth spurt.

Unfortunately, HGH injections are often only purchasable if you have a prescription for HGH treatment by a doctor. These injections contain artificially produced HGH that mimics the naturally produced HGH into stimulating the bone density and height. However, doctors will usually only prescribe this treatment to children who have HGH deficiency or other conditions that require the injectable HGH.

HGH Injections Can Help Grow Taller

Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

Other than HGH, testosterone is another hormone that has been linked to getting taller and has many people speculating on whether taking testosterone boosting pills or testosterone steroids can make them taller. My research indicates that testosterone can make you taller. However, this is only true when your body is in its natural growth period which ends when the growth plates close.

This means that while it is possible to take testosterone supplements or height growth pills, it’s only effective before the ossification of the bones. Unfortunately, it is unsafe and ill-advised to take testosterone supplements or testosterone therapy before reaching adulthood, unless directed by a doctor.

Is Height Increase Surgery A Viable Option To Grow Taller?

Height Lengthening Surgery is the most well-known method for adults to grow taller but is also one with the most number of disadvantages. This method is an invasive procedure that has the doctor surgically cut the bone and implants a lengthening device, usually custom made from titanium. Most of the time, there is an external device used along with the internal titanium rod to increase the height of the user artificially. The procedure is usually applied to the bones in the thighs or legs and can take weeks or months to complete rehab. Not only is the rehab long and painful, but it is also costly with each surgery costing between $10,000 to $80,000, depending on the surgery and difficulty.

Height Lengthening Surgery To Grow Taller

Do Growing Taller Exercises Work?

According to some experts, exercises can help increase your height while other experts call it out as being ineffective and useless for getting taller.

Here are some of the exercises I found people recommending for height growth:

Cobra Stretch:

This is a yoga pose called the bhujangsana that is said to increase height by stretching the spine and reducing the compression of the cartilage. This is a simple yoga pose to do at least once in the mornings.

Cobra Stretch To Grow Taller

Bar Hanging:

Similar to the other exercises to getting taller, hanging vertically on a solid bar can help reduce the compression of the spine. Make sure to use a solid bar that can take your weight and has around six inches of clearance between your feet and the ground. Doing this in 20-second sets is recommended.

Bar Hanging To Grow Taller

Forward Spine Stretch:

This exercise allows you to stretch your spine and relax the compression of the cartilage, allowing for natural height increase. To perform this exercise, all you have to do is sit on the floor with your feet in front of you and your legs shoulder distance apart. Now stretch your arms towards ahead and touch your toes, stretching your spine as you move forward.

Forward Spine Stretch To Grow Taller

How To Grow Taller Naturally?

After taking a look at the other options for growing taller, I found that the method that is most recommended is to use HGH pills that are designed for height growth. While these pills won’t give you a growth of more than a few inches, they are noninvasive as well as pain and side-effect free.

These pills work by lengthening the cartilage discs between the spinal vertebrae, allowing an increase in overall health. These pills may also work to strengthen and thicken the cartilage in the joints of the bones, improving overall mobility and height.

The height growth supplement that I found to be most popular online is called Growth Factor Plus which stimulates the production of HGH, helping adults become taller.

Growth Factor Plus:

Growth Factor Plus is an HGH booster that provides the user with a non-invasive and non-surgical method of increasing HGH levels in the body. The natural and clinically tested ingredients that are used to stimulate natural HGH production have been selected to concentrate on providing the body the fuel it needs to grow taller and increase height.

Growth Factor Plus

Since this dietary supplement is designed without artificial HGH, it can take a few weeks to show consistent results. However, the advantage of this method is that there is no pain, surgery or side effect that can disrupt the regular life of the user. It’s also much more affordable than many of the other options for adults to grow taller we have discussed in this article.

Growth Factor Plus Benefits:

Here is a summary of the benefits promised by the manufacturers of Growth Factor Plus:

  • Painless and side-effect free height growth
  • Can be used by novices and professionals in sports
  • Capable of alleviating joint pain
  • Strengthens and thickens cartilage
  • May increase length by 2-4 inches
  • Works even as you sleep
  • Can help boost self-esteem and combat body image issues
  • Highly rated by experts

Growth Factor Plus Cost:

If purchased from the official site for Growth Factor Plus, multiple deals can be considered. Here are the ones that I found most useful:

While you can get Growth Factor Plus directly from the official website for the product, I recommend giving our Growth Factor Plus review a quick read before proceeding to buy Growth Factor Plus.

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