How To Get That Fabulous Skin In Your 40’s

How To Get That Fabulous Skin In Your 40’s
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Women often do not want to reveal their real age at any point of time. In most of the societies it’s really rude and inappropriate to ask any women her age. That is because; it is one perennial secret that no woman wants to share with the world. On top of it, her constant effort is to look years younger than her age and keep the people guessing or get fooled with what exactly would be her real age?

The 40’s is the new 30’s these days, as most of the women have careers; they tend to settle down late in their lives and have kids and families much later than earlier. So, mostly the women have children around mid 30’s and so the hormonal changes that take place and happen to them are mostly at that time. Also, factors like sun, pollution, lifestyles, food habits and stress are all responsible for aging.

Few tips that will ensure you keep glowing even in your 40’s and keep those ugly wrinkles at bay are as given below:

  • Never go to bed without washing your face:

Never do this mistake of going to bed without removing your make-up and cleansing your face with Luke warm water and a good soap free face wash. This habit of just keeping your skin clean; will enhance its life and retain its glow for a long time.

  • Always look for products with Retinoid:

Retinoid are mostly found in products recommended for the anti aging treatments. Retinoid are there in the over the counter products as well as the prescribed ones for specialized skin issues. Retinoid is one proven ingredient that reverses the signs of aging.

  • Always use a Sun protection:

Keep the sun protection handy say in your car cabinet, on your dressing table, in your office drawer so that just in case you need to use and reapply you always have that option. For a safer side always keep the sunscreen in your purse or hand bag. It really helps to combat that sun damage and protect from the skin cancers.

  • Use moisturizers with hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient has this unique property of holding on the moisture 1000 times of their weight in water, so the skin looks firmer and plump.

  • Peptides are good for you:

Peptides are those communicating agents which interact with the skin and do stimulate the collagen production making the skin more firm and tighter.

Thus, above given tips would prove useful for you and along with it a nice skin care product with anti aging properties like Age Renew Skin Care that has retinol, tri-peptides, and green tea extracts that are full of anti-oxidants help to maintain the skin’s beauty and glow. Age Renew skin care is your solution to look fabulous even at 40’s.

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