The Truth About The CICO Diet On Reddit

Weight loss has been a topic of far too many discussions to count. And while many ideas in the pursuit of weight loss and healthy bodyweight have been discussed to exhaustion, they continue to keep coming up since not everyone gets the same results from the same weight loss methods and diets.

One such weight loss topic that has been extremely popular on Reddit is about whether the CICO diet is effective or just a sham. This problem in regards to finding out if a diet is safe, healthy and effective is the reason our team of researchers has decided to look into the CICO diet to understand why so many people support this diet and why others call it out to be a sham.

The CICO Diet

Here’s The CICO Diet:

When discussing the CICO diet, you first need to know that this is not a new diet and is also the basis for most effective diets out there. The fundamental principle behind the CICO diet is ‘Calories In, Calories Out’ where you lose weight by burning more calories then you take in through food.

The reason we eat food is that our daily diet contains energy in the form of calories which are required to perform day to day tasks where these calories are burnt to convert energy into work. This conversion of calories comes from thermodynamics which states that energy can only be transferred from one state to another, not destroyed.

However, what happens when your calorie intake is higher than the calories your body needs throughout the day is that the excess calories are stored for future use as excess stored fats in your gut. So, if you have a calorie deficient diet like the CICO diet, theoretically, your body will find alternative sources to convert to energy, like the excess stored fats from before. This forceful conversion will help reduce the stored fat in your gut, helping you burn the fat off without any additional exercise or workouts.

Here’s The Controversy Behind The CICO Diet:

This concept is a simple one and something that most people will easily grasp. However, new studies, experiments and user testimonials have brought this CICO diet to a whole new level. This new CICO diet states that unlike before where you had to watch the food you ate, you can actually eat whatever you want, as long as you burn more calories than you consume through eating.

So, this means that the origin or source of your calories doesn’t matter, just the actual amount of calories. If you choose to follow this diet, you could even eat cake or Twinkies for your breakfast, lunch or dinner instead of home cooked meals and you will still be ok as long as your daily balance is calorie deficient.

Different Calorie Sources For The CICO Diet

The reason there is a great debate regarding this new way of thinking is that the nutritionists and health experts state that there is no way for this unrestricted CICO diet not to be dangerous and unhealthy for the user. The experts are adamant about the risks of this new diet, even when there are many people who have tried and succeeded with the CICO diet including Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University. tried Haub tried the diet and lost 27 pounds in two months by sticking to a calorie deficient diet of nutty bars, Twinkies, powdered donuts and other sugary/highly processed foods.

Of course, Haub doesn’t want to advocate this junk-food diet to anyone. He just wanted to make a point on the fact that the source of the calories you take in doesn’t matter, just your state of calorie deficiency by burning more calories than you eat, regardless of eating vegetables or candy.

Here’s Why The CICO Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone:

Many people, maybe even you, have tried the CICO diet without success. There are a few reasons for this including miscalculation of calories, hormonal problems, digestive problems and inconsistency during the diet.

Did you know that the FDA gives manufacturers and packagers a 20% margin of error for their nutrition labeling on their products? That means that the label on your favorite healthy snack which states that it has 200 calories may actually have anywhere between 160 and 240 calories in reality. This is one of the biggest causes of miscalculating your daily calorie intake which leads to many people being unable to achieve their weight loss goals.

Calories In Alcoholic Drinks

People are also forgetful about other sources of calories that are often not counted or considered including sauces, condiments, toppings, and sides. Alcoholic drinks are also filled with calories which can lead to failing your CICO diet. So, next time you try the diet, strictly remember every food or drink you take in and record it down as accurately as you can.

Hormonal imbalance can also cause weight gain, even if you follow the CICO diet. This means that even if you eat correctly and maintaining a proper calorie deficient diet, you still gain weight. This is because hormones like Insulin are essential for stabilizing blood sugar and storing fat. If your insulin levels are not regulated properly, or your body is becoming insulin resistant like with Type II diabetes, weight gain can be a severe side effect.

Here’s What You Should Do Next:

The discussion and argument about which diet is better and why will be a long-lasting one because people fail to realize one crucial point: Every Person’s Body Is Different. What this means is that while the diet may work for one person, it may not necessarily work for another. There is more to losing weight than just tracking your calorie intake and expenditure. And while there are supporters of this CICO diet as there are just as many who feel this is a sham, you shouldn’t let popular opinion dictate your decisions.

What you should be doing it trying out different methods of the CICO diet and seeing which works for you. But remember that you should be honest with yourself about your diet and findings since inaccurate data can give incorrect results. So, if you are going for the traditional healthy CICO diet, make sure that you count the calories of the veggies as well as the ingredients you used to cook your meals using a calorie counter.

Calorie Counter

And if you are going for the non-restricted CICO diet with pastries, sugary foods, and junk foods, make an accurate note of the calories as well. Consider doing a month of each diet and see what works best for your weight loss goals. Note that while many recommend these diets, you should also consult your doctor before starting the CICO diet as this can have an impact on your health and wellbeing, especially if you have serious health problems like heart problems or high cholesterol.

The Truth About The CICO Diet On Reddit
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