Top 5 Ways To Cure Your Hangover

Everyone enjoys getting a drink or two, right? And what do you think happens when you are having more than just the two casual drinks with friends and drunk off your face? Well, no one should blame you for enjoying yourself, but you are definitely in for the familiar body-aching, head pounding, and never-again-promising Hangover.

This feeling of waking up in the morning (hopefully in your own bed) and having a sensation like a truck just decided to plow into your brain is something most people experience at least once in their lifetimes. But, have you wondered about if there was an actual way for you to drink your fill (and more) while curing the morning hangover so that you can enjoy life to the fullest?

Well, here are five ways to cure hangovers that were compiled by our team of experts on the subject:

1. Drink Water To Rehydrate Your Body

When you drink too much alcohol, your body gets dehydrated and causes an imbalance in body fluids. To remedy this, doctors have found that you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water to get your body back into normal working condition. And if you had more than a bottle of wine by yourselves, it’s one glass of H2O for every glass of alcoholic beverage you had the night before.

Drink Water

2. Don’t Drink Or Eat Foods That Can Make You Throw Up

The reason many people puke in the morning after the drinking is because our bodies are more prone to having acid reflux after heavy drinking. So, be sure to avoid acidic foods and beverages like orange juice, tomatoes, and lemonade. You will be better off sipping on some carbonated water which will help release the gas in your stomach which is making you feel worst then the headache.

3. Work Out To Get Rid Of Hangovers And Feel Good

A good way to get rid of the alcohol in the body is to eject it from your body via sweat. Working out has shown to improve hangovers as exercising helps speed up your metabolism while releasing endorphins in your brain. The boost in metabolism helps get rid of the alcohol faster while the endorphins make you feel good and satisfied about your day. It’s important to drink lots of fluids when you workout. Your body is already dehydrated by alcohol and working out will make it more dehydrated. So make sure you drink lots of fluids while working out.

Work Out To Get Rid Of Hangovers

4. Increase Your Electrolyte Intake To Eliminate Headaches

Just like with water, drinking electrolyte-rich drinks can help get your body out of its starvation mode which can reduce your body aches, headaches, and tiredness. The intake of electrolytes can help stabilize your organs which have been dehydrated due to your drinking. Coconut water can be a better option instead of Gatorade, according to the experts.

5. Avoid Coffee As It Will Dehydrate Your Body Further

While drinking the everyday morning coffee may sound like a good idea, you should avoid it when dealing with a hangover. The most straightforward reason is that caffeine is a diuretic which can cause your body to become even more dehydrated. A good alternative to coffee is green tea which can be stimulating but not draining.

Avoid Coffee

There you go guys, these were the top five ways you can reduce and even cure hangovers. But, if you really want to avoid waking up in the morning and hugging your toilet, maybe you should consider not drinking as much next time…. or maybe not.

Top 5 Ways To Cure Your Hangover
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