Can Drinking Wine Really Help in Losing Weight?

Do you want to get rid of that flab to get skinny? Great, have some wine.

Yes, you read right. Drinking wine before going to sleep has been found to help you lose weight and reduce those pesky midnight chocolate cravings. We all love our evening beverages before bed, whether it’s sipping a glass of red while reading a book in bed to slowing nod off or following the Aussie way of drinking a box of goon (we recommend Franzia) that will help erase the past 6 hours (if you decide to finish that whole bottle by yourself) as you pass out with a silly smile on your face. Well, if you get a lot of hate from other for your drinking habits, you now a solid, science-based comeback. This is because the experts at Washington State University and Harvard have found that drinking wine can actually help make you skinny.

With alcohol, you have plenty of choices but wine is one of the best when it comes to the health conscious few who want to look good while getting their drank on. The wine has fewer carbs that most other alcoholic drinks with a range of 2 and 5 grams with beers coming up to 13 and 20 grams for a comparison. So, don’t think about carbs when you are deciding what to drink with your evening meal, make it a good wine that will not only improve your eating experience but help you lose weight as well.

Now for the scientific facts. The University of Denmark have conducted research and found that those participants who drank every day were found to have slimmer waistlines when compared to those who drank only on occasion. Another study on weight gain by Harvard with 20,000 people has found that almost half of the participants gained a considerable amount of weight with none of these weight-gainers being drinkers.

There is a natural chemical in wine called Resveratrol that is responsible for this weight loss effect. This chemical works to stop your fat cells from creating more fat, helping you stop weight gain while promoting weight loss. And studies show that to get sufficient quantities of Resveratrol, you need to be drinking two glasses a night as this can help fight obesity by up to 70%. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to drink up to lose weight.

Now that we have established that drinking wine is good for weight loss, let’s find out why drinking at night is beneficial as opposed to drinking during the day. This tasty drink will help you stop nighttime snacking as wine has calories that help you feel fuller with under 150 calories per glass which are nothing compared to the high-carbs a pizza is giving you. So, have you decided what you will be doing later tonight to lose weight, go to the gym and sweat or have a few glasses of wine to lose weight instead?

Can Drinking Wine Really Help in Losing Weight?
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