5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Muscle Aches

If you are approaching or passing the 40 mark on the birthday calendar, you probably can already start feeling those small aches and pains throughout your day. Whether it’s a stiff back after waking up or joint pain after a round of tennis, minor pains like these are common for those in their 40s with the pains and aches becoming more evident as you grow older.

While we can’t promise you keep you fit like a 21-year-old, with these stretches every morning, you can help yourself avoid injury and aches. The simple stretches given below can help you avoid those very same pains and aches that you thought you had to now live with for the rest of your life.

These stretches are also effective at reducing post-workout soreness and eases fatigue in men and women, even if you are not experiencing aches and pains.

1. Pre-Exercise Lateral Lunges

Pre-Exercise Lateral Lunges

Experts say that is more efficient if you work on multiple muscles instead on a single muscle group per exercise. So, the lateral lunges that are suggested next help initiate the stretching of the muscles in your inner thighs, your core and your legs. It’s also recommended that you perform dynamic stretching before doing a particular exercise so that those specific muscles also get warmed up to prevent injury, pain or aches.

2. Pre-Workout Foam Roller Stretches

Pre-Workout Piriformis Roll

Any expert will tell you that working out without getting warmed up with stretches is a sure-fire recipe for disaster and self-harm. That is why foam rolling before your workout is a great way to increase your body temp as well as help you stretch and improve your range of motion. When using the foam roller on the Piriformis muscles located in the butt region can contribute to reducing back, hip and leg pain.

3. Cat/Cow Stretches

Cat Cow Stretches

After reaching 40, a common problem most people face is with back pain which is why this exercise is so effective for those over the age of 40. The Cat/Cow activity is well known in yoga classes and works on your spinal mobility. It also strengthens the core muscles including the abdominals and lower back muscles.

4. Post-Workout Foam Roller Stretches

Post-Workout Low Back Stretch

Using the foam roller after your workouts can help stretch your fascia which is the tissue surrounding your muscles, reducing post workout muscle soreness. With this stretching exercise, you can, over time, develop your flexibility and agility while remaining injury free from your workouts. You can also use this exercise get rid of low back pain which is a concern for many men and women over 40.

5. Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretches

The hip flexor is the set of muscles that connect your lower back to the front of your hips and then to the top of the leg bones. Most men and women who spent a lot of their time sitting can have stiff hip flexors. This exercise that targets this muscle group is effective at preventing back pain and can be done at any time of the day.

5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Muscle Aches
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