5 Simple And Effective Ways To Treat Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back can be a huge obstacle for those who have chronic back pain problems. This can make it difficult to even perform everyday chores like driving the kids to school and cooking. For some people with lower back problems, traditional medical approaches are ineffective at reducing their pain which is why some experts suggest trying some simple and effective ways to treat lower back pain as mentioned below:

1. Perform Gentle Hamstring Stretching Twice A Day

One of the biggest reasons many people cannot get rid of their back pain is that they have tight hamstrings. The hamstrings are a group of three muscles which are found at the back of the thighs which help you bend your knees. If these muscles get stiff and tight, they can cause your sacroiliac joints and lower back to be strained which leads to lower back pain. To relax and loosen your hamstrings, perform hamstring stretches twice a day.

Hamstring Stretch

2. Try Cold And Heat Therapy To Reduce Lower Back Pain

It’s not a great idea to be dependent on pharmaceuticals for your lower back pain relief so it might be time to try cold and heat therapy to see if this alleviates your back pain. Cold therapy is great if your muscles are inflamed as it helps reduce the inflammation while working as a local anesthetic which numbs the body’s nerves from spasming which causes you pain.

Heat therapy works by applying heat to the back so that it stimulates the flow of blood, helping improve nutrient delivered for improved recovery rate. It also relieves pain by reducing the signals of pain being sent to the brain. Examples of heat therapy including using a heating pad, heat wrap, or a hot water bottle as well as taking a hot shower as well as soaking in a tub of hot water. Try this out and see which works best for you.

3. Release More Feel-Good Neurotransmitters

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that are produced when you achieve a sense of accomplishment or are in a happy mood. Research has shown that endorphins can also help block the pain signals from reaching the brain. Releasing endorphins can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Suitable methods of boosting endorphin release include massage therapy, aerobic exercise, and meditation.

Massage Therapy

4. Train Your Mind To Feel Less Pain

Experts in studying pain have found that pain is more vivid when you concentrate on the feeling and the sensation that pain causes. These experts state that you can train your brain to reduce and ignore the signals of pain. This is an important skill to help because this can allow you to have some control over how much pain you feel, helping to alleviate some of the lower back pain to lead a healthy life.

5. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

While moving around may seem counter-intuitive when your back is in pain, exercising your core can have a significant impact on your lower back pain. If you train your abdominal and back muscles to become stronger, they can better support your lower spine which can help reduce and eliminate your lower back problems. An excellent way to start this is by just sitting straight on an exercise ball for half an hour per day.

Strengthen Your Core

These were the five simple and effective ways to treat lower back pain which can be done from home. Note that you should try each of these methods out to see which one works best. However, if none of these methods relieve you of any pain, it might be a more severe problem and should be shown to a medical professional as soon as possible.

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Treat Lower Back Pain
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