BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Review

BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Review

Stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the future are some of the problems I have been dealing with for the past few months. Whether this is due to my evolving personal life or the ever-changing environment, I know that many others, maybe including yourself, also face similar problems. While I don’t know what your particular problem is, I know that anyone who is feeling like I do sometimes should try to do something to cheer up and get happy.

BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support
How? Well, I try to do something fun and enjoyable every weekend like go shopping, spend time with friends or go out with my partner for a romantic dinner. These days, I have even considered taking a serotonin supplement called BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support. When I was considering buying this for myself, I decided to evaluate and review it myself so that I can provide others who are in the same situation some help in that regard.

So, after weeks of research and review here is my BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support review:

What Is BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support?

BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support is a serotonin booster that contains ingredients that stimulate the brain to produce more of the serotonin neurotransmitter naturally. According to the man who formulated BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support at BrainMD, Dr. Daniel Amen, not only does this supplement help improve the mood, it also helps calm the mind and enhances the control over appetite.

The reason I was considering buying BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support is that it will not only improve my mood but also help control my stress eating, strengthen my psychological health and give me the boost I need to overcome my challenges for a better future. And when I did my preliminary analysis of the product, I was satisfied with what it could do for its users.

What Is Serotonin?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain and is considered to be a natural mood stabilizer. However, improving the mood is not the only thing it does as it helps support your eating, digestion, and sleeping. But if we focus on the aspects of serotonin and its effect on the mood, it can be seen that with low levels of this neurotransmitter can cause depression, anxiety, and sadness. This is the reason it is important for everyone to have sufficient amounts of serotonin.

While serotonin can be acquired via food, some people need additional serotonin supplements to improve their levels of the neurotransmitter and improve their mood. In my case, I had done a preliminary evaluation of several serotonin supplements before deciding on doing this in-depth BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support review.

Who Makes BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support?

My investigation into the manufacturer of BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support led me to find out about Amen Clinics which was founded by Dr. Daniel Amen. A division of Amen Clinics, Mindworks, is the manufacturer and distributor of this serotonin supplement with Dr. Amen being Founder and CEO while Mr. Jin Springer being General Manager.

According to the BBB review of Mindworks, this company has been in business for 17 years and has only had two complaints to date with both having been resolved appropriately.

Here are the contact details I found for the manufacturers:

  • Address: Mindworks – A Division of Amen Clinics, 17905 Sky Park Cir #3-K, Irvine, CA 92614
  • Phone (US): (888) 850-5287
  • Phone (outside the US): (949) 556-4721

Who Is Dr. Amen?

Dr. Amen seems to be a very popular figure in the world of nootropic as he has appeared on TV shows like Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Dr. Phil, and The Discovery Channel. I found that he is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and has written several books on brain health and well-being. His clinical studies and reports also span decades with over 70 scientific papers to his name.

My impression of Dr. Amen is one of respect, not because he managed to create a brand and monetize it, but because he has gotten recognition for his efforts at improving the brain health of his patients around the world. And just in case this turned out to be a fraud doctor, I checked his credentials, and they seem to be legit.

What Are The Main Benefits That Are Claimed?

The product name itself is quite self-explanatory as the main goal of this pill is to improve the mood. However, some other benefits have been claimed by the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a list of the main benefits of this supplement, according to the official site:

  • Calms The Mind: The natural ingredients in this supplement have been shown to help calm the mind and combat anxiety. The pill is designed to help relax the mind while suppressing stress that is built up.
  • Improves The Mood: The main benefit that is claimed of using BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support is that it enhances the mood of the user. This is possible due to the lowering of stress and anxiety while increasing serotonin levels.
  • Improves Appetite Control: Other posts I have written for have mentioned an improvement in appetite control if serotonin levels are increased and this is true with this pill as well because serotonin helps better control emotional eating.

What Are The Active BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Ingredients Used?

Unlike some of the low-quality products that are available online, I found the bottle of BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support to have clearly labeled ingredients including the amounts of each per serving.

Here are the ingredients in this serotonin supplement along with a brief description:

  • Vitamin B6: This is a vitamin that is said to be helpful for early brain development while also helping to promote the production of many neurotransmitters, including serotonin. It is water-soluble and helps protect the brain cells from free radical damage while being easy and fast to absorb by the body.
  • Folate: This is a very important component of this serotonin supplement because it contains MTHF (Methylfolate) that is required to create more neurotransmitters. MTHF also helps boost nerve cell production while producing melatonin, the sleep hormone, improving sleep quality for the user.
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin can help eliminate homocysteine to prevent toxic buildup while also helps improve brain and spinal cord health. It’s been found that a deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to low mood, anxiety, and brain fog and taking supplements with Vitamin B12 may help combat these deficiencies.
  • Satiereal®: This is a patented saffron extract from the Middle East which is used in BrainMD products. It helps improve mood by boosting serotonin levels while protecting the brain with the antioxidant properties. Traditionally, this ingredient has been used to treat digestion problems and improve appetite control.
  • 5-HTTP: This is a metabolite that is extracted from the African Griffonia simplicifolia plant and converted into serotonin by the brain. This component helps improve sleep quality, mental stress, mood and mental fatigue. This is a common ingredient in nootropic pills and has been proven to improve mood and brain health in men and women.

Serotonin Mood Support Ingredients

Are There Any Concerns For BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Side Effects?

The official website and Dr. Amen have clearly stated that BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support causes no side effects. Of course, I did my own research into the product, its ingredients, and potential reactions between them to see what I could find. Unfortunately, my analysis showed that the ingredients have been used in insufficient amounts to cause any side effects.

Who Can Take BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support?

The benefit of this serotonin supplement is said to be that it is available for any adult over the age of 18. Unlike most other products, there is little restriction regarding gender when using serotonin supplements like this one. However, any supplement that influences brain chemistry should not be given to children under 18 who are still developing their brains.

Should You Take Precautions With Taking BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support?

My study of the manufacturer has shown that due to this being a major player in the nootropic industry, BrainMD and Dr. Amen only use quality ingredients that help in preventing side effects and improving results. In case of BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support, there are no specific precautions to mind other than not letting under-18s try the product out is this can negatively impact their brain’s development.

Where To Buy BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support?

According to my sources, BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support is only available online and on select websites. Two of these that I was able to find is Amazon and the manufacturer’s site. However, I did notice the price for the bottle on Amazon was not the same as the price on the official website.

I am someone who has mentioned that I prefer to buy from sites like Amazon or GNC instead of manufacturer’s websites. But if I can get a lower price, I don’t mind trying these sites.

What Is BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Cost?

If purchasing on the official website for BrainMD, you can get a single bottle for a price of USD 49.95 as a one-time-offer. This means that you will only be charged once for your order. You can also buy multiple bottles at a time if you want but there is no discount for this.

For those who want a 15% discount as well as free shipping, they can opt for the USD 42.46 monthly auto-delivery deal. This deal means that every month, a new bottle of BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support is delivered to your doorstep with your credit card being charged USD 42.46 every time.

I think that getting the single order deal is better when someone is starting out with this product. However, if you know that BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support works for you and you plan to use it on a regular basis for multiple months, it may be cheaper to get the monthly auto-delivery deal for a 15% discount.

Buy Serotonin

My Evaluation: The Pros

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Proven results
  • No side effects
  • Well-known manufacturers
  • Affordably priced

My Evaluation: The Cons

  • Not available in stores

My Evaluation: BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support Review Summary

When I started my research into this product, I had a good impression when taking a look at the product and the official website. But the end of my BrainMD Serotonin Mood Support review, this positive impression was solidified by the quality results I observed.

While several similar serotonin supplements can provide the results of this supplement, this pill seems to deliver the results faster than the others. Of course, there are a few downsides including not being able to buy the product from the local stores or the fact that if I buy this supplement, I am going to have to take four pills a day, the positives overshadow these negatives.

This is the reason I think that it is worth investing in a bottle of Brain MD Serotonin Mood Support which can be purchased from Amazon or the official website.

Brain MD Serotonin Mood Support

USD 49.95
Brain MD Serotonin Mood Support


9.3 /10


9.1 /10


9.0 /10

Customer Reviews

8.9 /10


9.0 /10


  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Well-reputed manufacturers
  • Price


  • Not available offline

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