Best Anti Snoring Devices In The Market (Revised 2018)

This review of best anti snoring devices will help people who have issues with snoring. Snoring is a minor health problem that can cause some major discomfort for the snorer, as well as those who sleep around them.


Since snoring can cause discomfort during sleep for the snorer, it can also negatively affect the time it takes for someone to fall asleep as well as the quality of rest they gain. While this condition can be a tad annoying for others, most people live their whole lives with snoring without requiring a snoring aid.

For those men and women who find their snoring disturbing themselves and those around them, anti snoring devices can be the way to get a good night’s rest.

Before I provide you with a list of the best anti snoring devices in the market today, lets better understand some basics regarding snoring and how anti snoring devices work to eliminating our snoring issues. Anti snoring devices reviews like this one would be incomplete without also answering some frequently asked questions so that you can get a clear view of the pros and cons of each type of snoring aid and choose the right product for you.

Note that you can find some of these anti snoring devices on Amazon while some are only available from the manufacturer’s website. I have researched the anti-snoring devices in this article with the top rated anti snoring devices mentioned being the products I found to be the best choices out of the various products I reviewed.

I have also provided some of the best rated anti snoring devices with individual reviews on so that those interested can look at the detailed review before making their decision.

What Causes Snoring?

A snore is a sound that is made when the upper airway that supplies air to and from the lungs is constricted. This constriction is not dangerous most of the time as the air does pass through the small gaps, which is where the sound is created. When the airway blockage is mild or moderate, you can often combat snoring using one or more of the mentioned best anti-snoring devices.

However, if you have severe sleep apnea or similar health problems that can cause serious constriction of the airways, I would advise talking to your doctor for the best anti snoring device for your situation. This would often be anti snoring machines, which are also mentioned in this anti snoring nasal devices review.

How Do Anti Snoring Devices Work?

Anti snoring devices are designed to help prevent the constriction of the airways by either moving the lower jaw slightly ahead or by preventing the tongue from sliding back and limiting airflow.

This method is usually sufficient for mouth snorers, but for nose snorers, there are different snoring aids which help free the nasal airways by preventing the nostrils from constricting. While nose snoring is rarer than mouth snoring, it is still a problem for millions of people worldwide.

There are also a few FAQs you need to read before deciding which product you want, but first, let’s take a look at the different types of anti-snoring devices I found on the market and my top recommendations for each.

Best Anti Snoring Devices

1. Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

MADs are the cutting edge of anti snoring devices and work by helping move the lower jaw slightly forward to help keep the airways clear throughout the night. This is also the most popular type of anti-snoring device and my favorite too.

It does take a few nights of use to get used to the product, but they work well for those with snoring. However, be sure only to get the MADs that have used medically approved materials and are cleared by the FDA.

My Recommendation – AirSnore ✓✓✓

AirSnore is my pick for top anti snoring devices because it helps eliminate the biggest reason for snoring, the constriction of the airways because of a misaligned lower jaw.

This anti snoring device helps push the lower jaw slightly ahead to free up the throat passage. It also comes with a bottle of AirSnore drops that are made from natural oils selected to soothe and stimulate better airflow to and from the lungs.

The combo is also another reason that AirSnore is my pick for the best anti snoring devices in the market for 2018. 


Read Our In-Depth AirSnore Review

2. Anti Snoring Sprays

These sprays are usually used to target the main cause of all snoring, airway blockage. There are different types of sprays including nasal sprays and oral sprays as well as essential oils that can be used.

This is a convenient option to stop snoring and doesn’t require a machine or need you to have something in your mouth or nose for the whole night. However, the liquid will have to regularly be reordered, leading to a high cost over time for the convenience you get.

My Recommendation: ProfesSnore Anti Snore Relief Oral Spray ✓✓✓

ProfesSnore is an oral spray that is made from natural oils without any sedative drugs. It works by stimulating the soft tissue in the thorax to increase the natural lubrication of the throat. The benefit of this spray is that with the increased moisture in the throat, the volume and intensity of snoring will quickly be reduced without causing any negative side effects. ProfesSnore comes with a 50 ml spray bottle and can be used on a daily basis as an effective anti snore solution. 


Buy The ProfesSnore Anti Snoring Spray

3. Anti Snoring Pillows

The biggest problem people who snore have is keeping their airways open while sleeping. So, these pillows are made from memory foam and help elevate and align your head to eliminate snoring by opening up the airways.

There are many different anti snoring pillows available online with some being hypoallergic for those with allergies. The obvious disadvantage is that you will have to travel with your special pillow anywhere you go. Worth it as it can get rid of the snoring, in my opinion at least!

My Recommendation: LitoTree Memory Foam Neck Pillow ✓✓✓

LitoTree Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a tested and proven hypoallergenic pillow made from high-grade memory foam to ensure maximum support and comfort to the back, neck, and head while sleeping. Anti snoring devices like this LitoTree Memory Foam Neck Pillow work by giving your spine and neck the right curvature for the best sleep possible. The posture change can also help clear your airways, eliminating your snoring problem without any need for sprays or anti snoring nose devices. The size of the neck pillow is 20″x12″x4”.

Anti Snoring Pillow

Buy LitoTree Memory Foam Neck Pillow

4. Nasal Strips

Nasal Strips are simple reinforced adhesive strips which are attached to the top of the nose and help prevent the nostrils from constricting while sleeping.

They work to improve airflow through the nostrils, improving your snoring.

My Recommendation: Breathe Right Nasal Strips ✓✓✓

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are drug-free anti snoring nasal devices that help keep the nostrils open 38% more than decongestant sprays. It is also one of the only nasal strips in the market that uses 3M adhesive technology for stronger sticking power. There are several types of Breathe Right Nasal Strips available on Amazon including the Breathe Right Extra Tan Nasal Strips which can open up the nostrils up to 50% more than decongestant sprays. 

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Buy Breathe Right Nasal Strips On Amazon

5. Anti Snoring Machines

Anti snoring machines are for people with severe cases of snoring problems like sleep apnea. This is usually only considered when all other options have been tried without any success. These machines are typically expensive and can only be purchased after getting a prescription from a doctor.

My Recommendation: Talk To Your Doctor For A Prescription 

Since anti snoring machines like CPAPs are not available without a prescription, talk to your doctor to get a prescription if you think you need one. Note that while CPAP anti snoring devices aren’t available on Amazon, several CPAP cleaners are. If you want a quality CPAP cleaner, try SoClean 2. 

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner

Buy SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner On Amazon

6. Chin Straps

Anti snoring chin straps are usually simple and help restrict the jaw by closing the mouth. This is considered to be a simple method of combating snoring for people with mouth snoring problems.

However, if you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), this might make your condition worse. It also doesn’t work well for those with blocked noses or nasal snorers.

My Recommendation: My Snoring Solution ✓✓✓

My Snoring Solution is a comfortable and ergonomically designed chin strap that helps restrain the jaw from opening and interfering with the natural airflow to the lungs. It is washable and adjustable with the material being a soft foam for maximum comfort during sleep. 

My Snoring Solution

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7. Nasal Dilators

Nasal dilators are for those snorers who snore through their nose and are very cheap to buy online. All these products do is keep the nostrils open throughout the night and are made of plastic or rubber devices.

This method is known to reduce snoring sounds but isn’t effective for snorers who don’t have blocked nostrils.

My Recommendation: Snore Stopper By EaseBreath ✓✓✓

Snore Stopper is a simple but effective nasal dilator which helps prevent snoring by stopping the nostrils from closing during sleep. This anti snoring devices nose piece comes with a travel case and multiple pairs of anti snoring nose devices in different sizes, depending on your nostril size. 

Snore Stopper

Buy Snore Stopper On Amazon

8. Tongue Retaining Devices

TSDs work by gently pulling the tongue forward so that the airway isn’t blocked. These devices help keep the tongue in the right place and prevent it from falling back into the throat which causes the snoring.

The TSDs often work on suction tips which hold the tongue which can loosen after a while, but they are often very cheap and easily replaceable.

My Recommendation: Good Morning Snore Solution ✓✓✓

This is a clinically developed and tested tongue retaining device that has been cleared by the FDA and recommended by doctors and dentists. It uses medical-grade materials that are easy to clear, toxin-free and comfortable to use while sleeping. 

Read The In-Depth Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Anti Snoring Devices:

Q: Can You Get Anti Snoring Devices From Walgreens Or Walmart?

A: Yes, anti snoring devices like the ones mentioned above can be purchased from Walgreens or Walmart but are often found to be priced at a premium compared to online retailers like Amazon. However, if you want to visually inspect your purchase before buying, you can always opt to head to Walmart or your local pharmacy to get these over the counter anti snoring devices.

Q: Do Anti Snoring Devices Work?

A: Yes, from the millions of people who have used these products around the world, the general verdict is that these anti snoring devices do work. Many of these products are also FDA approved anti snoring devices which have been tested for their effectiveness.

Q: How Long Do Anti-Snoring Devices Last?

A: Most devices that are sold online use FDA approved materials and can be used for over a year. However, the snoring aid you are purchasing should mention on the packaging how frequently you need to replace the device for effective use.

Q: Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Get Any Of The Mentioned Products Here?

A: No, all the products that have been mentioned in this review article can be purchased without a prescription. The only product type that requires a prescription is the anti-snoring machine which is usually for people with severe cases of sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders.

Q: How Safe Are Snoring Aids?

A: Very Safe. Since experts and thousands of users worldwide have tested these products, they are known to be safe to use. Some anti snoring devices may take a little time for you to adjust to the sensation of using the snoring aid but you should generally not expect any lasting discomfort.

Q: What If The Purchased Anti Snoring Devices Don’t Work?

A: If you purchase an anti snoring device and it fails to help eliminate your snoring, you can contact the manufacturer/seller and see if they can refund your money back. Many products purchased directly from the manufacturer do provide this option under their 100% satisfaction guarantee claim, but you should check to see if this applies to the product you are buying.

Q: Where To Buy Anti Snoring Devices?

A: We recommend buying your preferred anti-snoring device directly from the manufacturer (like with My Snoring Solution, AirSnore, and Good Morning Snore Solution) or from Amazon (like with Snore Stopper, SoClean 2, and Breathe Right) with a slightly higher price. While you can get similar anti snoring devices in stores, remember that you will be paying a premium for a similar quality product.

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