Prep Up Your Skin For Valentines’ Day

February 12, 2015

Valentines’ Day is just round the corner, it is essentially important to look good and woo the love of your life with preparing your skin for this Valentine’s Day. If you have a special date or if you are just going out with your friends, […]

Tips To Exercise Safely

February 10, 2015

Exercise is boon and most of the times do only good to you. But, still there are certain precautions that one must take and follow while exercising. Almost anyone can take up some very light form of exercise like walking and brisk walking. But, people […]

Problems Related To Being Overweight

February 9, 2015

Being overweight or obese has many problems related to itself. It is difficult to carry on with your normal life in the same fashion as people with normal weights do. Simple things like fitting right in your car seat and holding on that steering wheel […]

Healthy Plan To Get Really Fit

February 6, 2015

Setting up a fitness goal is one thing and sticking to it is a real battle strategy. If you have just forgotten we are already in the second month of the year and that New Year resolution of flattening that bulging flab around your waist […]

Incredible Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

February 5, 2015

Although there is no perfect and sure shot formula for that healthy and disease free happy life; but still good nutrition and regular indulgence in some kind of physical activity (exercise) make it to the top slot in the list of things that would keep […]

Find Out Why Morning Exercise Helps To Burn More Fat

February 4, 2015

There is a major confusion among most of us as to which form of exercise should you actually begin with. Whether to do cardio in the morning and whether to do weights during the morning time? The calories that get burned would however be the […]

Important Weight Training Tips

February 3, 2015

One of the strange myths you might have heard about weight training is ‘Do not train everyday’. This is an advice which is offered to you, so that you avoid exhaustion. However you will notice positive results if you lift weights every day. Muscle gain […]

How Does Menopause Affect The skin

February 2, 2015

Menopause is a complicated process that all women go through as they hit the middle age. Lucky are those for whom it is merely a roadblock for that monthly cycle. But, there are few others for whom it can be really a rough phase of […]

Easy Fat Burning And Keeping It Away Strategies

January 30, 2015

Fat-burning is on the wish list of half of the world’s population. Obesity is a serious disorder and it has enveloped about every 3rd human being on this planet. Everyone wants to burn that flabby looking fat that has accumulated at the waist, the arms […]

Get A Selfie Ready Skin

January 29, 2015

The social media, internet and everything that comes with it has made everyone’s life very public. Also, some highly popular social networking sites like Facebook and its mobile sister app Whatsapp have given birth to the new genre of pictures. These pictures are self-clicked and […]

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