Are You 100% Straight? Read This & You’ll Be Surprised

People usually make different choices and experiments in their lives. From looks to styles and from food to people, we try to experiment everything. Sometimes people tend to experiment their sexual feelings too. Spending time or hooking up with same-sex gender just for the sake of experiment and experience has become common for this generation. Boys and girls tend to test their sexuality to know their real sexual orientation.


An idea of experimenting with one’s sexuality has created a lot of stir in the society, and it is referred as a disgrace to genders. The concept of bisexuality doesn’t exist in some people in this society and they dismiss it by saying that it is an act of attention, especially for women. Some people believe that it’s just a false name to hide an individual’s real heterosexual feelings towards the same gender.

But what exactly is sexual flexibility?

Sexual Flexibility:

Studies say that sexual flexibility is common amongst people and they want to try their sexual feelings with the same sex gender. A lot of teens are interested to know if its okay to get in contact with same-sex sexually and if they do so, do they become bisexual, gay or lesbian?

Hooking up with same-sex gender can mean a lot to various people leading to different things. But whatever it is, studies found out that people, especially teen find it common hooking up with same-sex individuals.

Same Sex Feeling

A leading researcher from Cornell University found that we as an individual tend to get aroused by both the genders. A lot of teens try to find their sexual orientation and understand closely before choosing what is right for them.

Studies On Sexuality:

Many researches prove different sexual orientations and behaviors in people. Some of the studies coined new behaviors in people that can rise in them as time flies.

A book called Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men by Ritch C Savin-Williams, a leading author and a psychologist specialized in gender studies, investigated and found that the youth of this generation is broadly open to go beyond the boundaries. They even interviewed some men who challenged the researchers about being straight. These men later ended up getting aroused watching other men, when tested.

Savin-Williams also believes that we still struggle with the idea and the concept of bisexuality-most importantly when we talk about in men.

Male Homosexuals

Savin-William’s Experiment On Homosexual Feelings:

To accept our homosexual orientation is not that easy, the way it seems. People find themselves being watched as a disgrace and being the subject of discrimination. While sexual discrimination was still getting lower and lesser, sexual discrimination is now in trend. Studies show that men hide their same-sex sexual feelings because of many reasons, ranging from social acceptance to discrimination and so on. To know more about the homosexual feelings, Savin-William carried an experiment that got published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

In this experiment, he examined on the volunteers that were the mix of men and women. Each individual was showed porn which had both men and women in it. The moto behind this study was to measure the change in their behavior through pupils that can be the evidence of sexual arousal.

At the end this study, Savin-William found women’s pupil getting wider watching men with women and even watching women with women.

The same went for men, men’s pupil dilated watching women masturbate and even watching men masturbate. Despite their sexual preference, the experiment proved that people are not 100 percent straight.

After this experiment, Savin-Williams broadly said that bisexuality is not just a female phenomenon. His study says that it is a common phenomenon amongst both the genders.


He went on saying that our culture supports women with her sexual preferences but the same is not applicable to men. This leads most men keeping their feelings with them in fear. He broadly says that men have got so much of burden due to cultural misconceptions and expectations that even if he has a sexual attraction towards another man, he would never express that feeling.


As the Savin-William’s experiment of homosexual feelings or on sexual preference indicates men and women’s sexual flexibility, men might not come out of their shell because of social acceptance and expectations. This can give us an intimation that it is normal to experiment our sexual preferences before accepting sexual orientation. This is ultimately a sexual development in teens to figure out what goes best for them.

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