9 Motivational Tips For Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is difficult for everyone. This includes those of you who are trying to lose that extra pound here and there to fit into your old pair of jeans, as well as those of you who know that your excess weight has increased your chance of health complication. The reason weight loss is difficult is because of many unhealthy habits we have picked up over the years that seem to make us feel very good, even when we know they are bad for us. Examples of these unhealthy habits include smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption and far too much of your diet consisting of fast food.

Motivational Tips For Your Weight Loss Journey

Fortunately, you have decided to take the right step towards weight loss and start losing weight with the best of intention. However, we are all aware that losing fat and weight is easier said than done. It can be a grueling task with most of those who start weight loss quit midway due to a loss of motivation.

This article will give you nine motivational tips for weight loss that work whether you are trying to lose 1 pound or 100 pounds.

Make Weight Loss Easier With Fewer Distractions

Do you know why you eat the crisps you have in your pantry every Saturday instead of the carrots that are in the fridge? It’s because the crisps are available to you. So, the simplest way to avoiding eating junk foods at home is by not bringing them into your home in the first place. When you are grocery shopping, don’t buy any of the junk foods you usually get and instead, get healthy snacks like fruits and juices. And if you are getting the junk food for a house party, don’t stockpile them but instead, buy them on the day of the party and don’t keep leftovers.

Make Weight Loss Easier With Fewer Distractions

Reward Yourself For Good Weight Loss

You might think that rewarding yourself for staying on track with your weight loss and fitness goals is counterproductive, but it’s actually an excellent way to stay motivated. Humans enjoy getting rewards for their achievements, even if the rewards come from themselves. Tell yourself that if you stick to the healthy diet and don’t miss out any gym sessions for a week, you can get that favorite dessert or enjoy an extra beer on Sunday. This motivating tip works like a charm to help reduce weight loss stress.

Visualize Your Weight Loss Goal To Stay Motivated

If you want to stay motivated, you need to have a visual goal that keeps you going when your weight loss is getting tough. A good way to do this is by hanging a pair of your old favorite jeans where you can see them throughout the day. This is the pair of jeans that you want to be able to fit back into so every time you see it, you will remember that the pain and sweat are for a worthy goal.

Visualize Your Weight Loss Goal To Stay Motivated

Let Nostalgia Motivate Your Weight Loss

This one is similar to the last motivational tip. If you used to look fit and slim with your very own six pack or flat set of abs, you should remind yourself of that every day. Do this by sticking some of your old photos to the wall. Some might think that this will make them realize how much weight they have gained but this practice actually helps people understand that they can be fit and slim like they use to. The goal is to remember that you have it in you to once again look healthy, slim and fit.

Note Down Your Weight Loss Journey To Stay Motivated

Some say that if it isn’t on paper, it isn’t real. So, keep a note of your journey to getting healthy and fit by logging your day to day thoughts on your weight loss. If you enjoyed a particular workout or felt that your stomach has possibly reduced in circumference, write it down. And if you fell off the weight loss wagon, you should also write down why you fell off, how you feel about the fall and what you are going to do about it. If you make a note of these by writing them down, they will feel more real, and you will give them more importance in the future.

Note Down Your Weight Loss Journey To Stay Motivated

Get A Training Partner For Motivated Weight Loss

Your weight loss journey will be a difficult one, but this can be made a little easier with some companionship. Many trainers suggest getting a training partner who can help keep you in check while you do the same for him. The advantage of having a motivated training partner is that you will have to turn up at the gym to not disappoint him which helps prevent you from making excuses.

Give Yourself Some Extra Incentive For Weight Loss

Just focusing on losing weight is often very difficult to maintain in the long run. Instead, you need to have a concrete goal in mind, like having a 32-inch waist for example. To give yourself an additional reason to reach this goal, buy yourself a stylish suit, pants, shirt and belt which can only be worn by you if you reach your goal of 32-inch waist. When you look at the expensive outfit you bought for the future, you will be extra motivated to lose those pounds to fit into that new suit.

Give Yourself Some Extra Incentive For Weight Loss

Get A Trainer To Push Your Weight Loss Further

Getting yourself a trainer can really help your weight loss by a big margin. The best way is to pay the trainer in advance knowing that if you don’t turn up to the gym and follow his instructions, you will be wasting your hard-earned money. Trainers are also great at helping you get the most out of your workouts by helping you push your limits for faster weight loss. Those Hollywood actors and actresses also use personal trainers to keep themselves in shape.

Make A Solid Plan With Multiple Goals

Always have a solid plan when you start your weight loss because if you don’t have a set goal to reach, simply losing some weight will look like a never-ending chore instead of a journey of fulfillment. You can also use your trainer for this one as the trainer can help give you a personalized fitness program and even give you some healthy food plans according to your weight loss goals. You should also plan your short-term and long-term goals. For example, you can say that your short-term goal is to lose 5 pounds by first January while the long-term goal is to fit into your newly bought tux by your best friend’s wedding in March.

Make A Solid Plan With Multiple Goals

You can also have a checklist of goals so that you know your progress which also serves as another source of motivation. These were the nine motivational tips for your weight loss journey.


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