8 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For Men

We have all seen and heard of beauty tips for women many times on Facebook, on television and even in the newspapers. But how many times do you remember men getting tips to look good and have glowing skin every morning? Well, very few times I am sure. But fortunately, since the world is changing, many men are also starting to pay attention to skincare and their appearances. And this is not just to impress a particular woman because men have figured out that looking handsome and charming can go a long way in helping their personal, as well as professional lives, move forward.

Beauty Tips For Men

One of the biggest reasons men often avoid skincare and beauty tips is because they are intimidated. They see their girlfriend, sisters or wife spending hours in front of the mirror getting ready and think that they too will have to do just that to see any results. Fortunately, this is entirely untrue as there are some fast and easy beauty tips for men that can make you handsome.

Here are eight beauty tips that men can use to quickly and easily improve their appearance:

Maintain Your Nails In The Best Condition

One of the first things a woman notices about a man is his nails, with short and clean being the only correct answer. The easy way to keep your nails in order is to schedule a monthly manicure with clipping them off every few days yourselves in between. Buffing nails can also help give them a healthy shine if you want.

Don’t Overdo It With The Fragrance

Every woman wants a pleasant smelling partner, but if you shower with your favorite fragrance, it will undoubtedly cause her to run for the hills. A fragrance is a personal preference, but it shouldn’t be overdone. A good amount to aim for is when only those beside you can smell it.

Use A Facial Cleanser Every Day

Did you know that the shower gel you use to wash your face is damaging your skin? Facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of the body and requires a milder cleanser that can remove the dirt and oils without drying out the skin. These facial cleansers are essential if you want to look young and handsome in the long run.

Have Good Beard Grooming Habits

These days, it’s a trend where beards are fresh and masculine. But did you know that maintaining a beard is not as easy as it sounds? Beards or any facial hair only looks impressive when it’s well taken care of and shaped perfectly. To do this, let your natural beard grow for a few weeks and have your barber give it some shape. After this, you can maintain it yourself at home or visit the barber every few weeks for the same.

Have Good Beard Grooming Habits

Dress Appropriately

It’s true what they say about how the clothes make the man. So, if you are going for a job interview, it might be best if you didn’t turn up with what you would wear for the weekend football match. Every man should have a few occasion-specific clothes that are tailor-fitted for the maximum impact. Remember that color coordination is significant and if you have bad taste in colors, ask someone to join you when you shop for clothes.

Maintain Good Body Hair Grooming Habits

Even if you are wearing a thousand dollar suit, if you have nose or ear hair sticking out, it’s going to attract attention. And this attention gentlemen, is not the good kind. Having dangling nose hairs is very unattractive and is always (and I mean always) noticed. So, use a nose hair clipper to keep them trimmed and out of sight. As for the hairs on your ears and neck, you can have your barber do a monthly grooming, and you should be good to go.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth Every Day

We don’t all have a pearly white smile when we laugh, but the least we can do is keep our teeth clean right? It’s always a good habit to have to brush and floss your teeth every day (even better if you do so twice daily). The reason this is a healthy habit is that not only is plaque buildup and food stuck in between your teeth very unattractive, it’s also a quick way to needing a root canal.

Always Apply Sunscreen Before Heading Out

While men often pretend to be macho and bulletproof, they are just as susceptible to UV rays as women. If you apply a sunscreen before going outside, your skin is better protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun which have shown to speed up skin aging. There is also the fact that if you avoid using sunscreen, you will have to deal with irritation, redness, sunburn and possibly even skin cancer.

Apply Sunscreen Before Heading Out

While this goes without saying, nothing is more impressive to other than a good looking and healthy man. So, if you aren’t already, it might be time to visit your local gym and see if you can look more impressive that you already are.


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