8 Appetite Increasing Tips That Work

On beautytohealth.com, we have extensively discussed weight loss, tips for weight loss and how to suppress your appetite for weight loss. But a topic that is not sufficiently addressed in how to increase appetite because like people who struggle with losing weight, some people also struggle with gaining healthy weight.

A lack of appetite can be something that may happen to some people for a temporary period or can be long term which can result in a loss of healthy muscle mass that can lead to harmful weight loss and malnutrition. Extreme cases can result in eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa.

Lack Of Appetite

Some people find it difficult to increase their appetite which makes gaining muscle mass and getting fit a more difficult task. If you want to experience increased appetite, consider following these eight easy tips which have helped thousands of men and women improve their appetites and get healthier.

1. Eat And Enjoy Foods You Like More Often

Research (and common sense) tells us that if you are eating something you like, you probably will eat more of the food as well as more often compared to food that you dislike. So, stick to more of the foods that you like (excluding unhealthy foods) to experienced increased appetite.

2. Reduce Your Fiber Intake To Feel Less Full

In our weight loss and appetite suppression articles, we talk about increasing fiber intake but if you want to eat more food and gain weight, eat fewer fiber-rich foods. If you avoid fiber-filled foods, you won’t feel as full, leading to an increased appetite.

3. Plan Your Meal Times And Stick To Them

Plan your meal times and set an alarm reminder for each so that you eat your meals on time for the required nutrition, even if you don’t feel hungry. Studies have shown that scheduled eating times can promote your appetite while also making it easier to track your food intake.

4. Make Sure To Never Skip Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is considered by many experts to be the most important meal of the day, and you should never skip it. Having a good breakfast can help promote the thermogenesis of fat in the body throughout the day, leading to more calories burnt and increased appetite.

Don't Skip Your Breakfast

5. Eat Smaller Meals More Often

Sometimes, eating a few heavy meals a day can be very difficult for some of us. So, the simplest solution is to eat multiple smaller portions of food throughout the day. Athletes who are bulking also follow this practice which helps you eat more and increases your appetite.

Experts recommend five small-sized meals throughout the day for maximum appetite gain.

6. Turn Meals Into Special Occasions To Enjoy With Friends

Eating meals should not be a chore but an occasion, one that you can invite friends and family to join in with. Even your TV can help increase your appetite. A study found that eating with the TV on boosts appetite by 14% and eating with companions by 18%.

7. Swap Some Meals For Liquid-Meals

For some of you, the act of eating and chewing can be a very dull chore, especially when you aren’t very hungry. So, the simple solution is to drink high-calorie drinks with the required nutrients using fruits, veggies and dairy products.

8. Work Out More Daily For Improved Appetite

Yes, you read correctly, working out can help increase appetite because exercising or any physical activity causes your calories to be consumed, requiring you to eat more food to replenish that lost energy. Exercising also improve your overall health, hormone production, stimulates metabolism, muscle mass gain and promotes hunger.

Final Conclusion Regarding Increasing Appetite:

Now that we have taken a look at the eight expert tips that you can use to increase your appetite for some healthy weight gain, there are a few points that we should finish up with.

You should be aware that your appetite can be altered due to many factors including the medications you take, the amount of exercise you do and how you are doing mentally with stress and other problems. However, you should know that your lack of appetite is not the end of the world and making easy and simple changes like the ones mentioned in this list can have a significant impact on your appetite.

Increasing Your Appetite Is Possible With These Tips

However, if you have tried these tips for increased appetite with little or no success, it might be time to seek professional health from your doctor. At times, a lack of appetite can be caused by physiological stresses or problems while it may be an imbalance in hormones that is causing a decline in your appetite. If your appetite loss is not temporary and could cause a serious risk to your health, talk to your doctor about your appetite problem.

If this article contained something helpful for you, it might help others as well. So, share it with your social media circle and your friends will definitely thank you for these tips.

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