7 Reasons Why Women Today Prefer Yoga Over Gym

A few days ago, an online survey was brought to my attention which found that more people are going (or would prefer to go) to a yoga studio when compared to the gym. This piqued my interest as I am an avid gym-goer who doesn’t miss a day in her schedule. I fell in love with working out at the gym a few years back when I decided to start losing weight and haven’t looked back since. This is why I found it surprising that people, especially women, would prefer going to a yoga studio instead of the gym.

Yoga VS Gym

So, I did so snooping and found out a few compelling reasons why many women today prefer yoga over gym:

1. Yoga Helps In Creating Strong Relationships

According to my research, a valid reason that women (and men) join a yoga studio is to build positive relationships and form bonds with like-minded people. The yoga studio is said to be a calm and welcoming place which invites everyone as equals. This is better when compared to the testosterone-filled environment of competitiveness at the gym. The set schedule of the yoga sessions is also a boon to creating lasting relationships which is possible because you work out with the same group of people every session, unlike the gym where you can go exercise whenever you feel like it, with minimum interaction with others.

2. Yoga Gives Better One-On-One Attention & Guidance

Did you know that not all the gym trainers at your gym may be professionally certified? Well, if you went to a yoga studio, your instructor is always certified and is trained to give you the personal attention you need to get the most out of your 45-90 minute yoga session. The cost of gym membership often doesn’t come with a personal trainer which you have to pay for as an extra which can be a big downside for many. There is also a general difference in quality when it comes to the care, attentiveness, and guidance given by the trainers in the gym and yoga studio. Yoga trainers are taught to be in tune with their students and help them out through their difficulties and problems, whether it’s physical or emotional. Overall, I would have to agree that you just get better one-on-one care at a yoga studio.

3. Yoga Is Also For Athletes

Yoga is not just for women to get a toned body and socialize like it is portrayed in today’s media. It can also help professional athletes including bikers, swimmers, runners and MMA fighters help maximize their gains by improving their body’s flexibility and reducing the risk of injury. In an interview with The Miami Herald, world-class basketball player LeBron James stated that he does yoga to help improve his endurance during the NBA seasons and it is one of his secrets to his professional success. It’s difficult to argue against yoga when a top athlete like James is supporting it.

Yoga Is Also For Athletes

4. Yoga Helps Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing

When it comes to your mental health, we have to agree with the fact that yoga takes the cake, and eats it too. This is because yoga is a way to help work out the kinks of your body and mind while helping to relax, reduce stress and help center individuals. Many professionals in high-stress jobs have claimed to enjoy the mental benefits of yoga, and some have even admitted that it’s more useful than working out. However, I still prefer sweating it out at the gym to get you motivation pumping and my adrenaline surging.

5. Yoga Is A Way Of Life Instead Of An Activity

When you workout at the gym, it’s usually to reach an end-goal, whether its losing X number of pounds or getting a well-defined set of abs. However, when it comes to yoga, there is no end-goal, just healthy living. According to the experts who preach yoga lifestyle, this activity can quickly become a way of life instead of an activity which can have many additional benefits including the obvious health benefits. According to the surveys found, there is a definite increase in the number of Americans practicing yoga as well as a steady increase in the number of people who are aware of the benefits and want to give it a try. Another part of yoga is that it is a lot more inviting and a lot less intimidating compared to a gym, which makes a big difference when considering newbies who want to get healthy and fit.

Yoga Is A Way Of Life

6. Yoga Creates A More Positive Environment

One point even I (as a hardcore gym-goer) have to admit to when comparing the gym and the yoga studio is the ambiance and environment. I have been to a yoga studio as well as many gyms, and the differences are very obvious from the get-go. Gyms are known to be loud, sweaty and supercharged while yoga studios have soothing music, pleasant smells and are more welcoming. And as for women, most are more comfortable in a studio setting than a gym.

7. Yoga Provides More Health Benefits

Most adults who choose to join a gym or a yoga studio do so for the benefits they want for their health and wellbeing. If you ask why someone joined the gym, the majority will say that they wanted to build muscle mass or like me, they wanted to lose weight. Doing yoga, however, is meant to do a lot more than lose weight and build muscle. It is said to boost energy levels, improve the internal chemistry of the body while having a positive impact on your mental health and physical problems like cholesterol and blood pressure.

Yoga Provides More Health Benefits

After taking a look at this list of reasons women prefer yoga over the gym, it’s clear that there is some truth to the current trends and it’s not just a popular fad which will fade with time. The research into this topic surprised me so much that I am also considering starting yoga myself. And while I won’t be stopping my gym workouts all together, it definitely won’t hurt going to the yoga studio twice a week to improve my flexibility and help reduce stress.

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