7 Popular Make Up Myths Debunked

7 Make Up Myths That You Should Stop Believing In

Did You Ever Made These Make Up Mistakes?

It is noticed that women want to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. This can be in regards to beauty, skin care, clothing, accessories and much more. Hence you might also be one of the many women who are found busy flipping through various fashion magazines checking out beauty blogs where you are likely to be exposed to loads of advice. However, the truth is that a lot of this information is actually inaccurate. You will get to read all kinds of advice such as ‘dry skin issues can be fixed by drinking lots of water’ or ‘if you use a product which makes your skin tingles this means the product actually works!’

Let us find out if these claims are true or just a myth to misguide us.

Below mentioned are some myths and true facts which will allow you to take the right decision towards beauty and skin care.


Myth 1: There are various skin care products whose results can be compared to that of Botox treatments.

Truth: Botox are special injection treatments whose ingredients are made to reach the targeted affected areas of the skin directly. There are no skin care products comprising of such powerful ingredients that have the ability to do perform the same process as Botox treatments. However, there are some good skin care products which can help you with significant improvement in skin’s health, but their results are a bit slow.

Myth 2: You need to consider shopping for your skin care product as per your age.

Truth: There are various products which are designed as per the age groups. These come under the category of ‘mature women’. Therefore this refers to the age groups of only 50 years and above. The ingredients should depend on our age, as different age requires different ingredients in specific quantities. Below 40 women should use products rich in collagen and elastin and above 50 years of age women should include vitamin C along with collagen and elastin.

Myth 3: It is said to believe that hypoallergenic products works best for sensitive skin.

Truth: ‘Hypoallergenic’ is actually a term which does not make too much of sense. It is just used as an advertising gimmick and meant to imply on products which is does not cause any sorts of allergic reaction to the skin. Although choosing According to your skin type is advisable,for e.g., dry skin requires a hydrating cream where as a oily skin requires a oil absorbing supplement.

Myth 4: When age spots appear on the skin, it means that these are signs of aging.

Truth: Age spots are a misnomer. These are brown colored discolorations on the skin that appear as freckles and are not caused due to skin aging process. These are caused due to the environmental factors as a result of years unprotected sun exposure. Start using a sunscreen protection if you are not using one already, with at least 15 SPF.

Myth 5: Your skin will eventually outgrow the acne issue.

Truth: If this myth was really true, then many people’s skin care struggle would have been long sorted out. The truth is that, women in their twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties suffer from acne just like teenagers do. In teenage girls, the reason for acne is hormones. But hormones are not the only that can cause acne. Various factors like diet, stress, environment can cause acne too.

Myth 6: Make up is the main cause of acne to the skin.

Truth: This is not entirely true. There has been no research of medical studies, done to prove this truth. However, when one uses make up that contains harsh chemicals, there is a possibility for reaction to take place in the form of acne. But this depends completely on the ingredients used in that particular product. Also, remember to remove makeup before sleeping, not removing causes a lot of skin problems.

Myth 7: When a company certifies that a product works, it actually does work.

Truth: The skin care industry is a vast business and well known to claim substantiation. Therefore, it does not necessarily equate to legitimate scientific research. So these claims can tend to be false. You have to spend some time researching for the product which you are planning to use. Check for ingredients, for which skin type is it made for and such details.


Thus you are now aware of the myths and true facts with regards to beauty and skin care. This will prove as the perfect guide and not allow you to get carried away with wrong information. Take care of your skin by choosing the right make up and skin care products.

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