12 Easy & Simple Ways To Live A Healthy And Long Life

Ever wondered why some of our elders manage to live up to their 90s in sound health while many of us have to deal with serious health issues in our 30s and 40s? Well, in the old days, our elders were a lot more active and fit while most of us today spend 8-10 hours a day, sitting behind a desk and staring at our computer screens, not moving and eating unhealthy foods which have led to poor health choices for most of us. And while you may be tempted to point out the 30 minutes you spend at the gym every morning, let me tell you that living a long life will take a lot more than just a little exercise every day.

Live A Healthy And Long Life

Today, we present you with 12 easy and simple ways to live a healthy and long life:

1. Three Walnuts A Day Keeps The Diseases Away

This list is all about easy and simple ways to extend your lifespan. So, the first step in living long and healthy is eating three walnuts every day. Yup, that simple. Just eat three walnuts every day and you get plenty of antioxidants that have been found to fight most diseases, as well as give your body the anti-aging treatment that will help you live longer.

2. Get Married To Live A Long And Happy Life

Yes, while many men complain about how marriage restricted their freedom and whatnot, the union is actually proven to be good for your health. According to a study in 2009, men who are married have their risk of death due to heart disease reduced by two-thirds compared to unmarried men. And women who are married have a 50% reduction of risk for heart disease-related death compared to unmarried women. There you go, the numbers don’t lie. Marriage can let you live for a lot longer.

3. Get A Dog To Be Your Best Friend For Life

Walk your dog every day and you may just be adding an average seven years to your lifespan, according to a study. It’s been found that owning a pet, especially a dog can have a calming effect on humans, reducing our stress and alleviating depression, allowing us to live longer.

4. Drink Some Apple Juice To Revitalize Your Brain

Research has found that drinking two glasses of apple juice every day can reduce the formation of plaques found in the brains of patients with dementia. This study helped prove that drinking apple juice can help slow down brain aging.

Apply Juice Reverses Brain Health

5. Early To Bed, Longer The Life

Are you worried about the hereditary risk of heart disease and high blood pressure in your family passing on to you? If so, you might want to get enough sleep and be well rested as this has shown to reduce the risk of many health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

6. Get Six People To Be Your Pillars For Long Life

Your journey through life should not be a lonely one if you want to be old enough to reach a hundred. Research has found that having six people (family and/or friends) whom you have close ties with can improve your chances of living longer. They can help share in your happiness while being there to support you in your times of difficulty and stress with the emotional support that helps you age gracefully.

7. Spend Less Time Watching The Tube For A Longer Lifespan

According to the National Cancer Institute, if you are over 25 and spend time watching TV, you may be reducing your lifespan due to lack of physical activity and fat gain which increases the overall risk of health issues. This study states that for every hour you spend watching TV, you may be cutting 20 minutes of your lifespan.

8. Know When To Stop Eating To Extend Your Life By Years

In the remote Japanese islands of Okinawa, the residents are found to have the highest percentage of people who live to reach 100 as well as one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world. Their secret is to stop eating before they are 100% full. According to research done, it was found that animals that have had their food intake reduced by one third can live up to twice as long. This can also apply to you if you stop eating your meals when you feel that you are 80% full, allowing you to live longer.

Stop Eating At 80% Full

9. Oral Hygiene Is The Way To Stay Healthy Throughout Your Life

It’s been found that gum disease can be linked to many other health problems like heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes. So, it’s best to reduce your chances of gum disease by flossing and brushing your teeth every night.

10. Use Your Waist Measurement To Predict Health Risks

Many of us check our BMI or weight to predict the risk of heart disease, but we should be instead, checking our waist measurement because this can help us assess if there is too much visceral fat around our vital organs. According to experts, men should have waist measurements below 94 cm and women, 80 cm to be considered healthy.

11. Drink Some Tea To Slow Aging And Live Longer

Tea drinkers worldwide, rejoice, because your moderate tea drinking habit may help you to live a long and healthy life. It’s been found that tea contains many antioxidants like polyphenols that work to slow down aging while combating forms of cancer and heart disease. However, you should go easy on the milk and sugar as those are not as beneficial for living a long and healthy life as tea.

Drink Some Tea For Long Life

12. Believe In The Power Of Faith For A Long And Fruitful Life

Over 1000 studies have found that those people who have strong beliefs can live longer. It’s said that when you have a strong belief system, it can help deal with emotional problems like stress and depression while also helping against physical difficulties with digestion, heart, and breathing.

There were just 12 of the many easy and simple ways that you can implement in your life to live a little longer on this earth. And remember that just living longer should not be your end-goal, but instead, it should be living life to the fullest with good health, good company, and no regrets.

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