10 Tips For Having A Good Hair Day, Every Day

We all love to have good hair days where everything about our hair seems to fit in perfectly without having to spend an ungodly amount of time in front of the mirror trying to straighten that stray hair sticking out from the side. When you have a good hair day, your problems seem smaller, and the joys of life seem that much more vibrant.

Of course, having a good hair day also means that you feel more attractive and uber confident in your endeavors. Having healthy and shiny hair can also be something to be proud of in this day and age since most of us have dry, frizzy hair due to the pollution, bad diet and not spending enough time on hair care.

Good Hair Day

So, since we are all in need of some tips in proper hair care, let’s take a look at what experts suggest you do to have a good hair day every day:

1. Take Care Of Your Hair Before Bed:

If you want a good hair day the next day, always brush your hair at night before going to bed. This will prevent tangles and knots from causing unfortunate stray hairs to defy gravity, and your will.

And remember only to brush your hair gently so that the tangles from the day are completely removed before bed. Also, consider tying your hair in a loose ponytail while you sleep as this will once again help prevent tangles and knots.

2. Brush Your Hair For An Extra Shine:

Did you know that you should brush your hair every day as this helps improve blood circulation of the scalp and distribution of natural oils throughout the hair while also causing hair to become shiny and preventing tangles?

It’s best to start with a wide-toothed comb for tangled hair and avoid using a paddle brush when your hair is wet. A good tip to prevent damp hair knots and breaks is to brush your hair are remove potential tangles before taking a shower.

3. Gentle Hair Styling Goes A Long Way:

We all need to make sure that we style our hair before we leave the house every morning as no one wants to turn up for work with bed hair. So, if you want to prevent causing breakage or damage, avoid pulling or tugging your hair unnecessarily while trying to be as gentle as possible.

Gentle Hair Styling

This applies to you whether your hairdo is simple or elaborate. Also, remember to use good quality accessories like pins and clips which don’t damage your hair.

4. Diet Is Very Important To Having A Good Hair Day:

Having the right diet is very important to make sure that your hair is in the best condition. This is because diets rich in Vitamin B12 and other nutrients like eggs and fish can give your hair the fuel they need to stay healthy and silky smooth.

And if you are one of few who are dealing with hair fall, improving your diet can also help reduce hair fall.

5. Correctly Rinse Your Hair For A Glossy Hair Day:

While hot water feels good when taking a shower, it is very damaging to your skin and hair since it can strip your hair and skin of the natural oils that keep them hydrated and moist. According to experts, your first hair rinse should be with lukewarm water which is followed by your regular shampooing and conditioner. As for the final rinse, it’s best to use cold water to maintain hair health.

The current tread followers have also recommended beer as well as apple cider vinegar to be used for the final rinse and experts also state that you can use these products to get glossy hair.

6. Pick The Right Shampoo For Maximum Results:

Did you know that different hair types have different shampoos designed to boost your hair health with what they are lacking? For example, shampoos for dry hair containing more hydrating elements and shampoos for sensitive hair contain milder ingredients to prevent damage to your hair.

Pick The Right Shampoo

Experts advise to use shampoo once every two days and always remember to use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.

7. Prevent Hair Breaking And Hair Fall:

Take good care of your hair and they won’t break or fall on you. While showering, make sure only to use shampoo after your hair is properly wet. This helps dilute the contact between the hair and the chemicals in the shampoo.

Also, make sure that you keep track of flyaway strands of your hair since these are known to break. You can do this by spraying some hairspray onto your palms and running the hands through your hair to control the flyaway hairs.

8. Use Hair Dryers And Other Tools Correctly For Healthy Hair:

Most women overuse hairdryers and heating tools which can cause significant hair damage. The experts suggest that you should let your hair air dry instead of using a hairdryer, or towel dry them if you are in a hurry.

But its best to wrap them in the towel instead of rubbing the hair as wrapping the hair in a towel will soak the moisture without damaging the hair. It’s also advised to use heat resistant sprays when your hair is wet to make them easier to style.

9. Protect Your Hair To Maintain Good Hair Care:

Always take care of your hair, wherever you are or whatever you are doing. So, if you are going out, make sure to cover your head and if you are going for a swim in the pool, wear a swimming cap. The reason for this is that UV rays and Chlorinated water can be very harmful to your hair.

Protect Your Hair

When choosing hair bands for your ponytail, only use coated rubber bands as these don’t cause the hair to be stressed and pulled like with rubber bands. You should also avoid sharing your combs and brushes without others to maintain good hair hygiene.

10. Use Natural Hair Treatments For Good Hair Days:

It’s always better to use natural products when it comes to hair treatments which should be used every so often at regular intervals. This helps keep your hair in peak condition without overdoing the hair care.

You can also use home remedies for hair care like egg yolk or avocado masks to reenergize your hair. Maintaining a good hair care schedule will allow you to enjoy good hair days for a long time to come.


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