Bisou Cream

September 20, 2017 Jessica J

Making use of the right skin care cream can be responsible for your youthful, vibrant and healthy skin. However, the market is flooded with skin products which can make it difficult to determine which one of these could prove to be the best. As the […]

Top 10 Tasty Foods Rich In Potassium

September 20, 2017 Michelle

Potassium is a mineral that needs to be supplemented by foods in our daily diet to keep our health in peak condition. This mineral is necessary for the body as it helps maintain normal blood pressure and assists the heart in normal function. Potassium in […]

What Causes Leg Cramps & How To Deal With Them

September 18, 2017 Mikael

A strong, painful contraction which also causes the tightening of a muscle is a leg cramp. This occurs suddenly and lasts for a couple of seconds or sometimes even several minutes. In most cases, it often occurs in legs. This is a type of a […]

Types of Chest Pains & Heart Attack

September 18, 2017 Michelle

When you feel any form of pain in your chest, the first thing that usually comes to mind, even while suffering the discomfort and pain is, ‘Am I having a heart attack?’ This is what often causes people to panic and seek medical help. You should always […]

The Truth About Botox

September 8, 2017 Michelle

Everyone has heard of the cosmetic anti wrinkle treatment called Botox, whether from friends, TV or the internet. But there seems to be a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about this treatment that can create confusion amongst possible users. So, if you are interested in […]

Diabetes – Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatment

September 7, 2017 Michelle

Diabetes is a slow killer disorder in the body which is caused in the body due to high levels of sugar levels. As per the International Diabetes Foundation statistics, it has been stated that the rate of diabetic people is increasing in millions every year. […]

8 Ways To Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

September 5, 2017 Michelle

It’s already September and just a few months from the holidays. So, it’s time to start thing about that new year’s resolution that you began at the onset of the year but didn’t manage enough to make it this far. That’s okay because resolutions of […]

Get Rid Of Muscle Aches, Even After Crossing 40

5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Muscle Aches

September 3, 2017 Michelle

If you are approaching or passing the 40 mark on the birthday calendar, you probably can already start feeling those small aches and pains throughout your day. Whether it’s a stiff back after waking up or joint pain after a round of tennis, minor pains […]

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